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"My wife thinks I'm a genius..."
...and other great things we've done for our customers

Testimonials, Cont'd.

E-Mail: Subject: "Wonderful company" December 31, 2010
I want to thank the technical support team for the effort that was taken to help me fix my pellet stove. The exhaust blower arrived today and I installed it in about an hour. Now we have a nice warm house for us and our grandchildren. The furnace is not going on and we are so happy. Keep up the good work and may God Bless such a wonderful company.


Facebook: December 31, 2010
Happy New Year to all you folks, who built my 25-PDVC that I love so much. We've only had it for about 2 weeks, but already we can tell it's a quality product that will last for years. We haven't used our furnace since we got it. Thanks Again!!

Facebook: December 28, 2010
I count on my pellet stove every day here in Central Montana - We have been averaging -10 with -35 and -40 wind chills for the past month - sure saves me tons of 'propain' - my heating bills have been cut by at least $1700 per year. Thank you so much for a great product - My Grandmother has another brand and hates it...
C.P. (MT)

E-Mail: Subject: "Your technical service is just great" December 27, 2010
I just want to tell you that your technical service is just great. The young man who listened to my stove, over the phone, was very knowledgeable. He gave me more than one option. He was very polite and helpful. I decided to buy the part I needed because the stove is more than 7 years old. When I decide to buy a new one, it will be an Englander. The unit is well constructed and your people are very helpful. God Bless America and the workers at England's Stove. Sincerely,
P.H. (CT)

E-Mail: Subject: "Started right up" December 24, 2010
Bought a combustion exhaust blower and it worked perfectly!!! Fit right in and started right up. Thank you for a great price and fast service. Send your newsletter.

Comment on online order December 22, 2010
I recently had trouble with my unit shutting down...Your tech. walked me through...It works great now. Your support is amazing and thank you!
A.N. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "Awesome" December 22, 2010
You all are awesome, thanks for all your help in the past and have a good New Year.
D.N. (MT)

E-Mail: Subject: "Working like a champ " December 16, 2010
Hi Gang,
I got the Auger Motor today, installed it, cleared out the coals and pellets...and got it running again. And it's working like a champ!!! :-) ...I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for getting the part here quickly...As you may know, it's cold (and windy) up here. Thank you, from one happy customer!!!
J.E. (PA)

E-Mail: Subject: "Well worth it" December 2, 2010
Good afternoon. Just a quick note to thank you for the great customer service we received from one of your technicians. Not sure of his name but he was very helpful and we appreciate it. Our stove is back up and running - the wait was a little long but well worth it. Thank you,
L.&F. C.

Facebook: "The Dragon" December 2, 2010
It's been cold in Washington, but the Dragon (what we call our pellet stove) is keeping us toasty warm!!!
K.B. (WA)

Facebook: November 23, 2010
I bought a (30-NC / 50-SNC30 / 50-TNC30) about three weeks ago. I really like it - it burns very clean and does not seem to make as much ash as my former wood stove, and it burns less wood. As the weather cools this week, I am sure my wife and I will be kept very warm.

Facebook: November 12, 2010
Hey Englander staff, my name is (E.E.) and I would like to thank all the men and women who built my (30-NC / 50-SNC30 / 50-TNC30) wood stove. I have been using it for a month and it is great, it gives out a nice even heat and it looks great. Thanks again...

E-Mail: Subject: "I was a skeptic, now an endorser" November 8, 2010
I purchased your Timber Ridge Multi-Fuel model. Not only does it look great, but my propane bill last year was $3800 keeping the thermostat at 64 degrees; this year it only cost $600 worth of pellets to maintain 70 degrees in my 2500 sq. ft. 2-story home. It is simple to maintain and we love it. I was a skeptic, now an endorser of the pellet stove.
R.Z. (NJ)

E-Mail: Subject: "Great product backed by great customer service and expertise" November 3, 2010
I just want to thank you guys. Yesterday I spoke with James - he was unbelievably helpful and extremely professional. My pellet stove was manufactured in 1999; when it goes, this experience made me realize I won't go anywhere other than England's Stove. And, you can trust I'll be sharing this positive experience with anyone I know who is intrested in a stove. Keep up the great job (great product backed by great customer service and expertise). All the best!

Comment on online order October 9, 2010
D.C. (MA)

Comment on online order October 2, 2010
Love this Stove!
T.R. (MI)

E-Mail: Subject: "Wouldn't hesitate to buy another" September 29, 2010   
Hi, I just wanted to send a quick note about how pleased I was with both the quick email response and the quick help over the phone from the service tech...The service tech not only fixed my problem, but was able to diagnose over the phone a problem...which I wasn't even aware of!
...I am thrilled with my England's Stove Works stove and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. I would whole-heartedly recommend England's Stove Works pellet stoves to anyone, without reservation!
Thanks very much!


E-Mail: Subject: "No complaints" September 29, 2010
I have no complaints whatsoever with my England's pellet stove. I do have it cleaned every July by a professional who virtually takes the machine apart; it's expensive but worth every penny.

E-Mail: Subject: "We have purchased 3" September 28, 2010
Hello, [I'm] from Ohio and we have purchased 3 [England's Stove] pellet stoves for our home and they have been a great source of heat and keep our home very comfortable...
J.A. (OH)

Comment on online thread Summer 2010
...I'm so impressed with the customer service at England's Stove Works. My stove is 18 years old, for goodness' sake. Talk about service after the sale - wow! Not only fantastic tech. support, but I can buy parts for the thing and not have to make them! What more can you ask for!
(Thanks hearth.com)

E-Mail: Subject: "Thank you for the stove you built for me" August 12, 2010
To the members of the Englander Team,
I am just writing to say 'Thank you' for the Englander stove you built for me. I now have over a year of use out of the stove with no major problems except the learning curve. I was able to call your tech [support] and through their professionalism and courtesy, the stove saves me over $1,500 per year. With my wife having asthma I was not able to enjoy my fireplace or wood stove, and now enjoy your [pellet] stove. I did not use my [other] heater at all during the heating season and my home is around 1,500 sq. ft. The average temp. throughout the house was 75 degrees, and no lower than 72 degrees.
It made me feel great to have something built in America and not [have it] break down or become trash overnight as the items made outside of the USA [do]...Once again, thank you for the GREAT American-made stove! Regards,
M.&B. H. (NJ)

E-Mail: Subject: "Keep 'em coming" June 17, 2010
Thank you very much for the e-mail [newsletter]. You have been very helpful in getting the "bugs" out of my [Pellet Utility Furnace]. Nice to have a [manufacturer] stand behind you! We run the stove all winter for our garage, it's been a good choice! Please keep 'em coming.

E-Mail: Subject: "Paid off big time" June 17, 2010
Thank you. I have run the stove 2 full winters here in Upstate NY and haven't cleaned the fiber boards yet, will be doing it before the burn season this year...By the way, I absolutely love this stove! I was spending close to $4000 a winter on fuel oil, now I spend not quite $400 on wood per year and have only used one tank of fuel oil in two years for the times I am out of town on vacation!
Great, great stove. I grew up my entire life with woodstoves and now that I have my own home and decided to burn wood in my own home, my research on my stove purchase paid off big time!
This stove is great!
T.R. (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "The final test is yet to be done" May 10, 2010
I know winter is a long way away and the final test is yet to be done, but this day (May 10, 2010) with a temp of 38 outside and 2 small logs placed in this stove, the previous evening at 2100 hours and dampered down, this stove maintained the LR 40 feet away around corners (through no doors) at 73.8 degrees...Also, the shoveling out was easy, move the coals to one side and 2 small scoops of ashes out, coals moved back to center and a small piece of wood on top, and off it goes. I am ready, bring on winter (just kidding, of course).
M.H. (VA)

E-Mail: Subject: "Head and Shoulders" April 26, 2010
By the way, your customer service is OUTSTANDING - head-and-shoulders above what is common these days. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
J.F. (GA)

Comment on online order March 20, 2010
Thank you very much, you have a great product!!!!
M.F. (MI)

E-Mail: Subject: "Better than any local company" March 17, 2010
Good day, I purchased a [compact] pellet stove...When the stove broke down the first time I was irritated as it was barely a year old. I was relieved to find that it was a very easy process to have it fixed. Soon after I had another break down, but had a similar good experience. The gentleman on the phone was professional and courteous and very quick to respond. Purchasing a stove that was manufactured in the United States made me a little nervous, but I can definitely say the customer service is better than any local company. I want to acknowledge the excellent customer service by Dave. I have and will continue to recommend these stoves to anyone.
B.O. (NS, Canada)

E-Mail: Subject: "I don't want to get too preachy" March 12, 2010
To Whom It May Concern, I just wanted to take the time to say Thanks. We had literally the worst winter in the history of New Jersey this year, but one thing that was good about it was that we bought one of your wood stoves in the fall. I just wanted to take a moment to say that you guys put out one heck of a product and for the money, I say it is one of the best, if not the best.
...We had to call your service dept. one time when we were installing it, and I have to say it was like you guys were taking the concern like we were a family member. I don't want to get too preachy, but this country has lost alot of what has made it great with all the manufacturing that has been lost over the years, but your wood stove has given me a little bit of that pride back.
Thanks again, keep up the good work,
R.T. (NJ)

Mailed Card: February 17 , 2010
Dear Tech Support Folks,
This is just to say Thank You for the help you've given me on the phone & online, especially this past and current winter.
F.S. (MA)
P.S. The door gasket did the trick!

E-Mail: Subject: "Toasty in CT" February 17, 2010
Hi, I recently installed the [Evolution Pellet stove], I was very happy with how fast and easy it was to start. Thanks to you and your team for building the quality unit you did. This unit is awesome. Keep up the good work. Thanks,
K.G. (CT)

E-Mail: Subject: "It just proves that simple is better" February 15, 2010
It just proves the adage that simple is better. I recently bought a 12-FP (50-SFP12 / 50-TFP12) wood stove to replace an air tight unit that I inherited with this house and that never burned well. Now, I've been burning wood a good many years, so I knew it was the stove and not me.
Your stove is the model of simplicity and efficiency. We really enjoy it - Nice work.
L.C. (RI)

From a customer's web site: January, 2010   
Beautiful stove that works great. My wife and I adore the size and antique looks of the stove. It fits our 1846 Farm Victorian home great. We have 12 ft. ceilings with 2,700 square feet and we found the output of the heat warms the majority of our home. We feel that our heating cost from now on will be much easier to handle on our wallets. We would definitely recommend this stove to anyone who wishes to purchase a wood burning heater. Thank you...for a great product.
J. (AL)

E-Mail: Subject: "Impending winter storm" January 22, 2010   
Thank you so much for your support this week in preparing my pellet stove model 25-PDVC/55-SHP10/55-TRP10 for the impending winter storm.
Following the directions in the manual, I tried...to start the stove, failed and called your customer service. (Always helpful, over the past 3 years they have guided me through exciting adventures in pellet stove repair, including replacing the entire igniter and rewiring due to a hungry mouse.) [They] quickly diagnosed the problem and advised that I needed to replace the lower auger motor.
At this point, the parts ordering department stepped in and quickly placed my order, offering the option of overnight delivery in hopes that I could outrace the impending storm...
All in all, a happy ending as the latest storm is just beginning and I am writing this while sitting near the stove with the first floor temperature currently at a toast 71 degrees. By the way, I have done all of the repairs and maintenance on my stove myself under the tutelage of the England's Stove Works Customer Service department. No "ringers" or "self-proclaimed" experts were or are involved...
D.B. (NM)

E-Mail: Subject: "It might outlive me" January 21, 2010   
...The Englander/Summers Heat/Timber Ridge "furnace" that I bought over 16 years ago literally performs as well today as it did the day I bought it. Our electric heat never goes on and I'm saving $400 to $500 a month off my electric bill up here in CT. Since I do all my wood myself, the unit paid for itself the first winter I owned it....If you saw it you would think it was practically brand new...The next time I'm in the market for a wood stove or furnace, I'll look at [England's Stove Works] first, although the way this one is lasting, it might outlive me.
Mike in CT

E-Mail: January 21, 2010   
I don't know how often someone writes in to tell you what a great product you have, so I figured I would do just that. I bought my [25-PDVC/55-SHP10/55-TRP10 pellet stove] about three months ago and it is by far one of the best investments I have ever made. It heats my entire 1,500 sq. ft. house with no problems. I was a bit worried when I first purchased it that it might not be big enough to do the job without running it full blast, and then using more pellets than what I could pay for oil.
But it turns out that it is using a little over a bag a day and keeping us warm at about 74 degrees. Outside temps. have been below zero here in Central New York and it just keeps chugging along...Your customer service is the best I have ever seen. I have talked to a couple others and they are getting ready to buy the same [pellet stove] that I have. Keep up the good work and my hat is off to you. A very satisfied customer here in Central New York. Thanks again,
A.J.H. (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "Your customer service has been outrageous" January 18, 2010   
Made the change you said. Have not run the stove enough to tell if there is a difference yet.
On another note, even though I have a second hand old stove, your customer service has been outrageous. Most companies would say "It's an antique, replace it." But I always get straight and helpful answers to my questions. If more companies followed your path, maybe they wouldn't be in the shape they are in. When the time comes that I decide to replace this stove, I will definitely look at your product first. Once again, Thank you.
R.S. (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "A big thank you from Lyme, CT!" January 18, 2010   
I would like to say Thank You for sending me the part I needed so quickly. It is very nice to see an American Company stand by their work. My stove is back up and running very well. I will continue to tell everyone how happy I am about my [Englander/Summers Heat/Timber Ridge] pellet stove. Thanks again,
C.M. (CT)

E-Mail: Subject: "The coldest winter in 25 years, we are not feeling it" January 11, 2010   
We bought your wood stove that heats [up to 2,200 sq. ft. - 30-NC/50-SNC30/50-TNC30], our [home] is 2,300. We closed in our porch and made a sitting room and formal dining room, the room is centered in the house so it was the perfect place to put your stove. We have never heated with wood before, I love it, I have never been this warm in winter, ever. On the news today, they said it is the coldest winter on record in 25 years, we are not feeling it...Thank you,

E-Mail: Subject: "Not my first pellet stove" January 8, 2010   
Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with my new [25-PDVC/55-SHP10/55-TRP10]. It's not my first pellet stove and not the only one I use, but it certainly measures up to my other high quality well-known brand pellet stove.
J.D. (MA)

E-Mail: Subject: "Thanks for the great service" January 7, 2010   
We just wanted to thank you for your prompt service. It is a pleasure doing business with such a good company...Thank you very much and we appreciate the quick service.
L.S. & G.S.

E-Mail: January 6, 2010   
Dear Sir/Madam, Unfortunately, too often good work goes unnoticed. I purchased an [England's Stove Works] stove in November of 2009, within a week or two [the part] went bad. I had the pleasure of dealing with Wayde in Customer Service. The motor arrived a day earlier than promised and was a super easy fix! ...About an hour ago I spoke with Mike who walked me through an auger jam and I am back up and running within minutes. I have never dealt with a company who provides customer service on the level as England's Stove Works. Even though I have had a few problems with your stove, I plan to recommend your company anytime the subject comes up, based on the customer service I have received. Thanks for everything! Kind regards,
E. & S.S.

E-Mail: Subject: "The BEST stove in America" December 23, 2009   
Dear Sirs, I live in CT...My stove broke down and I called for some parts and ordered them, like a day or two ago. They came this morning and I was up and running in less than an hour.
I want to thank your staff for the excellent response, helpful discussion and an overall sense of confidence, that I bought the BEST stove in America. I hope all of you have a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas to those who still believe that way. Thanks again,
P.H. (CT)
[P.S.] The furnace just sits there like it used to.

E-Mail: Subject: "GREAT STOVE" December 22, 2009   
All: I wanted to let you know that I bought my first pellet stove last year from [a Mass Merchant] in Brunswick, ME. Needless to say, it saved our [butts]. We had over 40 days of temperatures that did not get above 12 degrees and at night the temps. would drop to the sub-zero ranges. Our system 2000 was old and in need of repair (but it hobbled through the winter) - had we not purchased the pellet stove we could not have managed to stay in the home...Great job everyone keep it up. I will always own one for as long as you make them! Respectfully,
J.H. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "The neighbors quit laughing" December 17, 2009   
Hi Guys! Just wanted to tell you that our 25-PI [pellet insert] is running like a top. It's in its 3rd winter and we are toasty warm. The neighbors quit laughing after last winter, the [stove] saved us a ton of money last year and with the recession what it is, this is even more serious this winter.
Nat. gas fuel bills were averaging $400-$600 for homes in our area...Thanks again for the correct parts this summer so we could get it ready to go, you guys were spot on...Great service, great product. Thanks again,
A. & P.R. (MS)

E-Mail: Subject: "Can't find anything to &*%@ about" December 16, 2009   
Just wanted to drop you all a line and let you know that I am very happy with my new, Englander 30-NC [Summers Heat 50-SNC30/Timber Ridge 50-TNC30]. Bought it last spring on sale at [a Mass Merchant] and fired it up last week...It has an excellent burn time and the firebox size is perfect for a all-night burn. Can't find anything to &*%@ about with this stove. Kudos to your company for building a quality product in the U.S.A. and continuing to stand behind it with parts/service.

Store Order Comment: December 13, 2009   
It has been a great stove. Please pass that on to the people who build these stoves!
R.D. (OH)

Store Order Comment: December 9, 2009   
I love my pellet stove!!! This will be our 5th winter [with it] & the first time that we have needed parts. I misplaced my owner's manual, so it was great to find the info. that I needed on your web site!
E.B. (NH)

E-Mail: Subject: "Above and beyond" October 30, 2009   
Hello, I would like to thank the technician that helped me over the phone today. The technician's name escapes me, but he went above and beyond my expectations. Once I had the proper tools I was able to un-jam my lower auger within minutes...The pellet stove is working properly now and my husband was very happy to not have to come home and try to fix it. Many Thanks!!!
J.G. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "I'm your man" October 26, 2009   
Thank you so much...If you ever need a person for a TV commercial of your product, I'm your man...Your product and customer service are outstanding...Thank you again,
G. & T.B. (CT)

E-Mail: October 20, 2009   
Thank you for such a quick response - you don't see that kind of service these days. Thanks once again,

E-Mail: Subject: "My supplier is upset with the small amount of gas I purchase" October 20, 2009   
I installed [model 25-PDVC/55-SHP10/55-TRP10] wood pellet stove (Made in the U.S.A.) off season (saving money) from [a Mass Merchant] four years ago as backup in my 70' x 24' manufactured home.
I've spent $300-$400 per heating season, including delivery, on pellets...My LP gas furnace has become backup to the point my supplier is upset with the small amount of gas I purchase...I follow the yearly service instructions included. Their informative [DVD] gives a multitude of helpful information.

E-Mail: Subject: "Best BY FAR" October 19, 2009   
I just wanted to thank all of you at England's Stove Works. You have the best customer service BY FAR of any company I have ever worked with. Any time I have contacted you by phone or email, your prompt and knowledgeable responses have always solved my problems...Ease and satisfaction are the words that I feel describe my customer relations with you. I would recommend England's Stove Works to anyone I know who is thinking of purchasing a stove!
K.S. (MI)

Handwritten Note: Subject: "Truly great Americans" October 2009   
This [25-PDVC/55-SHP10/55-TRP10] is the best stove that I could buy for my house - I heat my basement which heats the upstairs floor, which keeps myself and my family as warm as toast.
Thank you for a great product. You are truly great Americans, and I'm proud to have your stove in my house. God Bless You, keep up the great work. Yours Truly,
J.B. (NH)

Store Order Comment: October 4, 2009   
R.C. (CO)

Store Order Comment: September 6, 2009   
Great stove! I recommend it to all my friends.
L.S. (NT)-Canada

Store Order Comment: August 31, 2009   
We love our stove and how easy it is to maintain!
R.T. (WA)

Handwritten Note: August, 2009   
Dear England Stove Works, Inc. people:
Thank you so much for "being there" when we need you, and for being so willing to help.
I'm looking forward to another winter of comfort from my wonderful stove. Love & Blessings,
E.A. (MA)

Store Order Comment: August 14, 2009   
(From a customer with a 2005 pellet stove):
Thank you, stove works great so far. Keep up the great work!
J.T. (MI)

Store Order Comment: August 9, 2009   
(From a customer with a 1998 pellet stove):
Original owner. Good product, great job!
C.L. (NY)

Store Order Comment: June 1, 2009   
(From a customer who bought one of our Early Bird Kit specials online):
Thank you for such a wonderful product and great savings deals.
A.B. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "Cozy warm this winter" April 9, 2009   
I just wanted to send this quick note to let you know how happy I was with the service I received yesterday from Mike in your service department...He was extremely professional, helpful, patient and kind and I just thought you should know you have a very good employee working for your company...
A satisfied customer who loves her pellet stove and was cozy warm this winter with a very low oil bill for the first time ever!!!

Store Order Comment: March 21, 2009   
I purchased the stove 10 years ago...Great stove! Whenever I buy a new stove it will be a [England's Stove Works stove].
B.F. (ID)

E-Mail: Subject: "Thanks for building it in the USA!" March 13, 2009   
When fuel oil hit 5.00 a gallon here, I bought your [30-NC/50-SNC30/50-TNC30] from a local supplier. The home we bought here in Alaska (5 star energy rated 2,600 sq. ft.) only had an oil furnace, so we used it. After shopping several dealers here in Alaska, we decided to get [your stove].
We couldn't be happier...This is by far the most efficient wood stove I've ever owned (I've burned wood before coming to Alaska for 30 years) and the price was very reasonable. Thanks for building such a great product. Thanks for building it in the USA!!
J.E. (AK)

E-Mail: Subject: "Everyone is impressed" March 13, 2009   
Hello Englander Stoves, I purchased one of your wood burning stoves at [a DIY store] this fall. I am very impressed with your product, and it has saved me thousands of dollars in heating costs this winter. Even the guests I have had at my house remark how much they like the [Summers Heat] stove. Everyone is impressed. Thanks!
C.S. (WV)

E-Mail: Subject: "More than your every day technician" March 11, 2009   
This e-mail is in response to a recent phone call that I made to one of your service technicians, Russ. My parents live in Maine and recently purchased the [small] pellet stove...I think adapting to something new after having a wood stove most of their lives was the biggest challenge. Anyway, after talking with Russ I was able to resolve their issues and they are now enjoying the benefits and convenience of their stove. Russ is more than your every day technician. He was able to discuss my concerns at a level of understanding that I could follow and then relate to my 85 year old father.
...It's nice to know that there is still a company like yours that continues caring for the customer after the sale is made! Thank you...
D.S. (ME)

Letter: March 2, 2009   
Thank you for sending me the [part] for our pellet stove. Overall the stove is a great product and it has been a pleasure working with a company that stands behind their product.
I have spoken to customer service several times and have appreciated their courtesy and help in answering all of my questions. Thanks again,
D.R. (MA)

E-Mail: Subject: "It really fires you up" February 17, 2009   
You hear alot about excellence in customer service these days, but when experienced personally, it really fires you up and makes you proud and humble at the same time. [My wife and I] are full of these feelings today as we reflect on England's Technical Advisor Ernesto and how he guided us in getting our new pellet stove working for the first time.
Our (heavy!) stove was installed, full of pellets, the upper auger wouldn't work, and we weren't looking forward to exchanging it. We didn't have to. [The store sales specialist] immediately hooked us up with Ernesto and we were off and running in minutes. No problem. Super stove. Nice, warm farm house. Let it snow!
We're more than enthusiastic about shopping [there] and buying England's Stove Works' products; we're ecstatic! Sincerely,
C. & A.L. (ME)

Post Card: Subject: "Rename your stove" February 19, 2009   
How about renaming your pellet stove from "Englander" to "New Englander." Very fine product - American made and professionally backed up. Service department was very helpful and patient on 1-30-09. One would think this was made up here in Maine.
J.M. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "TY" February 17, 2009   
Thank you for the phone call...I really appreciate your customer service. In these days of sell it and forget it, I am impressed with your timely response and effort to assist me in trouble shooting my stove...We love our stove and know that it has saved us serious cash this winter. Though we did not have much snow here, there were alot of really cold, windy days in a row for a few weeks.
Everyone who came into our house, whether it was to deliver something, service something, pay a neighborly visit or whatever, commented on how warm and cozy our house was...Once we put that bad boy in our family room, it was a piece of cake to keep the rest of the house warm...Thanks,
J.M. (MD)

Store Order Comment: Subject: "Warming Hut" February 2, 2009   
We use these stoves at the warming hut at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park...
L.B. (MT)

Stove Order Comment: January 15, 2009   
Excellent Stove!
M.M. (NJ)

E-Mail: Subject: "Expertise and consideration" January 13, 2009   
Several months ago, I purchased a pellet stove [in MA]. Today the stove stopped and I was not able to get the repair man...to my home until Monday. I decided to call the technical support number in hopes to gain some knowledge of the stove's internal components and possibly repair it myself so that I would not have to wait until Monday, due to the cold weather here in Mass. I had the distinct opportunity to speak with a gentleman named Mike. Prior to speaking with him, I assumed that there would be very little that he could assist me with.
Much to my surprise, he was one of the most professional, kind and patient gentlemen that I have ever spoken with...I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all of his help and wanted to let your people know how fortunate you are to have someone with such expertise and consideration for others to be on your staff...We are nice and warm!
L.P. (MA)

Store Order Comment: January 3, 2009   
Hi...Thanks to all! I have never had better service and help from a company in my life. Your tech. and parts personnel are great.
S.P. (MA)

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