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"My wife thinks I'm a genius..."
...and other great things we've done for our customers

Testimonials, Cont'd.

Store Order Comment: November 20, 2008   
Hi guys, and thanks again for the phone call the other night. The walk-through really helped out. I knew I should have ordered both motors. The new one arrived today and it works great.Thanks again,
D.D. (PA)

Store Order Comment : Subject: "You should let him off on Saturdays" November 15, 2008   
I just spoke with Mike in your Customer Service. He was very helpful and very nice to talk to, you should let him off on Saturdays. Thank you,
J.J. (IL)

E-Mail: Subject: "All the drivers bought those stoves " November 4, 2008   
Hello Again: Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my situation. All the truck drivers at my company bought those stoves. I am going to tell them how prompt you are and how fast you took care of this e-mail. Thank you very much. It is a pleasure doing business with you and my next stove, whether wood, pellet or whatever, will be an Englander. Again, Thank you,
G.B. (NH)

E-Mail: Subject: "Super 240" October 7, 2008   
I bought a Super 240 in May 2008 and installed it right away. I live in VT, so I just started using it towards the end of September...The heater is almost 'plug and play.' It's so simple to use. The purchase price plus the price of pellets will bring my cost of heat this year to less than half the cost of my oil company's pre-pay...Thanks again for selling a great product,
J.D. (VT)

E-Mail: Subject: "Heart of timber country" September 28, 2008   
We are located in Springfield, Oregon, heart of timber country. I have many fond memories of going out with Dad and my brothers and cutting firewood. So when we bought our house...we couldn't wait to put a wood stove in. We debated back and forth if we should go with a pellet stove or a traditional wood stove. The conclusion we reached was that a pellet stove would be a better choice.
We are going into our fourth season with our Summers Heat (pellet stove), and we have absolutely no regrets about our decision. It heats our 2,000 sq. ft. house with ease, even on medium setting on all but the coldest of days, when it has to be on a high setting. It has saved us hundreds of dollars every winter in heating bills. My wife loves the way the stove fits in with her...theme of decor.
There is nothing like the warmth of a fire, and with the pellet stove we get the warmth and charm without all the mess of traditional wood heat. The weekly, monthly and annual maintenance is very easy to do, and the DVD that came with the stove makes it a cinch even for a novice...I would definitely recommend England's pellet stoves to anyone considering wood or pellet heat. In my opinion they are top notch, and we look forward to many, many more years of service from ours. Thanks a million.
S.H. & A.H. (OR)

E-Mail: September 26, 2008   
Gentlemen, I just wanted to say Thanks for promptly handling my service issue. The turnaround time was fantastic, and the part worked when I replaced it...To all who helped me, again, thanks.

E-Mail: Subject: "Thank You" September 26, 2008   
I just wanted to thank you guys for all the help you have given me with my stove issues. You are a step-up company that takes care of its customers. I would definitely consider purchasing a new stove from you in the future.

Store Order Comment : September 22, 2008   
Thank you for a tremendous stove, we use it...all winter. This will be our third winter with it...We had a record winter last year and all we burned was four cord. Your product is extremely valuable and appreciated...
We now wish we had bought two of them, one for our three-bedroom manufactured home and one for our new shop. It keeps our whole home just as warm as can be. Tremendous stove, folks, you can be very proud of your craftsmanship. God bless,
C.M. (WA)

E-Mail: May 13, 2008   
Excellent price, quality product. I have recommended them to several friends.

E-Mail: Subject: "Thanks for your help " April 2, 2008   
...I received the new [warranty] glass on Tuesday April 1st at no charge to me and installed it rather effortlessly in a matter of minutes.
I just wanted to take a minute to say Thanks. It is not very often that you get the kind of service that your company provides, and I thought you should hear some positive feedback. Again, thanks for everything.

E-Mail: Subject: "Kudos" April 4, 2008   
Hi: I just got off the phone with one of your tech representatives. She was very well spoken and fixed the problem with my pellet stove in seconds! Kudos to you people at England's Stove service department! And God Bless you all! Thanks again,
R.S. (NH)

E-Mail: Subject: "Technical Service Call " March 31, 2008   
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about what a positive experience I had with your technical service person...I purchased a used stove and it was not working properly; he was very helpful and called me back...He was very knowledgeable and guided me through the repair and the stove is working perfectly.
This is our first experience with a pellet stove and we are going to purchase an insert for the upstairs, and it will be an Englander. Thanks and please pass this along,

E-Mail: Subject: "... the working person can afford" March 28, 2008   
To all, The 25-PDVC (or 55-SHP10, or 55-TRP10) pellet stove I purchased from you all has been going around the clock since November without fail. It faithfully consumed 4 tons of pellets while heating my home to a level of comfort I have never experienced. You saved me thousands this winter in oil bills, and the quality of the heat the unit produces creates a healthy environment for my family like we have never experienced. Thank you for your great product and dedication to alternate energy solutions that the working person can afford. Respectfully,
M.C. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "Thank You...!" March 27, 2008
Good morning! My wife and I purchased a Model 25-PDVC (55-SHP10 or 55-TRP10) pellet stove at [a DIY store] in Augusta, Maine just prior to Thanksgiving, and we thought that you would like some feedback on our purchase.
The price of heating oil here in northern New England is at $3.85/gallon right now, the highest it's ever been. Without our pellet stove we don't know how we would have been able to stay warm this past winter. At the current price of heating oil, we calculate that we've already saved more than twice the cost of the stove. It remains cold enough, even during the day, to continue to operate the stove and will probably remain so for another month or more. The savings will only go up!
We've found your stove to be a true delight to own and to operate. The simplicity - but effectiveness - of it's design is truly amazing, and it's no exaggeration to say that it's a technological wonder!
If our nation expects to wean itself off of foreign oil and to remove ourselves from the threats of those who hate us, it'll be with products like your own. We tell everyone who'll listen about your product, and look forward to many more years of efficient, effective and American-made warmth!
Thank you again for making a truly quality product! Yours gratefully,

E-Mail: Subject: "Top to Bottom " March 24, 2008   
Just a quick note to say thank you for the very, very quick resolution to my auger motor
problem. It arrived Friday. Now when I recommend your products to friends and
colleagues, I can tell them that from top to bottom - products, parts, customer service-
England's Stoves are the best. Thanks again.

E-Mail: March 11, 2008   
I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you.
I bought my Englander used and have had some trouble getting it to work properly...
So, I called customer service - 4 times - and each time was helped by a very kind person.
I really appreciate all the help I have gotten so far. You guys are great!
I think we've got it working right, now. But I am confident that
if I have any more trouble, someone will be there to help. Thanks again!

E-Mail: Subject: "I am very impressed with the workmanship" March 6, 2008
I just purchased a wood stove made by your company.
I selected the [30-NC] that heats 2,200 sq.ft., and I have to tell you that this unit is incredible.
Easy installation allowed me to have this unit up and running in no time. After following your break-in
instructions, I had my house up to 90 degrees on a 13-degree night. I own an old farmhouse
that was built in 1857. Though we have updated the entire 1,900 sq.ft. house, the forced hot air oil
furnace just ran too much, costing us way too much. Your wood stove has kept this place incredibly
warm all week, and the oil furnace has not run ONCE!! This unit will pay for itself in two months.
Please tell the folks manufacturing these units they did a great job, too. I am very impressed with the
workmanship, and the welds are super. I worked in metal fabrication for 10 years and this is nice work.
I will be receiving your blower unit tomorrow; however, I don't think I will need to use it a lot unless
we end up with another -10 stretch of weather. Thanks again for fast service and a great product,
you folks will keep this family warm and save us a ton of money.
W.C. (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "Wood Add-On Furnace" March 5, 2008   
I purchased this unit this past November, installed and ran all the ductwork myself, and, What a stove! This stove is everything advertised and much more; I've sold 3 more to friends after they saw mine perform. I can't say enough things about your product; it's great. Thanks very much for your truth in advertising, it's nice to get what you pay for.
R.D. (Upstate NY)

E-Mail: "Leap Year Accolades" February 29, 2008   
very satisfied customer
D.S. (PA)

E-Mail: Subject: "THANKS FOR THE HELP!" February 22, 2008   

E-Mail: Subject: "Thank You (SO VERY MUCH) " February 16, 2008   
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is D.B., Sr. from NY.
First, I would just like to say that I do not normally do this, but in this case I must.
My son recently had a [auger problem], so I called you folks for help on ordering one for my son's stove. I wish to thank Eric, especially, for a job well done. I have received everything needed to get my son's stove running again. It was a true pleasure to be able to actually talk to someone and, might I add, someone with knowledge and someone that was extremely helpful. I will (and of course my son will) recommend your products and service to anyone in our area. I just cannot express enough the great dealings that I had with your company and people.
Again, thank you so very very much.
D.B., Sr. (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "our great stove" February 16, 2008   
I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much we love our stove!!!!!
We bought your add-on furnace about three years ago, when oil prices started skyrocketing. Well, to this day we have NOT burned 1 ounce of oil!!! We heat 3,000 + square feet of living space with our wood add-on furnace!!! Thank you for a wonderful product and great craftsmanship!!!
Mr. & Mrs. M.

E-Mail: Subject: "great customer service" February 14, 2008   
I just had a stove delivered by [my DIY store], and after they left I found it was missing the ash pan.
I was initially worried about having to call them to try to find it, etc., but called your customer service line - and Brandon had absolutely no problems getting my stove entered for warranty service and a new ash pan sent out. That's great service.
I'm looking forward to the rest of the winter being warm and toasty. Thanks so much for letting me know I made the right decision in buying an Englander Stove.
M.L. (PA)

E-Mail: Subject: "Thank you..." February 12, 2008   
Just received the replacement combustion blower for our pellet stove. Thank you for the quick service, and the upgraded high quality part. Easy to follow instructions are also appreciated, had the part installed and fire burning again within half hour of delivery. Your company is outstanding!
W.N. (MN)

E-Mail: Subject: "Satisfied Customer " February 5, 2008   
Thank you so much for your prompt attention and actions in getting my pellet stove up and running.
I'm very impressed with your customer service. Again, thank you.
M.C. (NM)

E-Mail: February 3, 2008   
I am a new purchaser of a corn/pellet stove. I had some problems in the beginning, so I called customer service and spoke to Kim...She is an asset to your company...I would recommend anyone to your company.

E-Mail: Subject: "Great Service" February 1, 2008   
I just have to let you know how pleased I am with the service I have received from this company. To the lovely lady that called me because I messed up on the order, thank you. I never expected to have the part I needed in three days!!! This company is outstanding! Please pass my letter on to the appropriate persons.
H.M. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "Best appliance we ever bought" January 21, 2008
Best appliance we ever bought: Model # 25 PDVC. This is the fourth winter that I have had this stove. Living in Maine, and with the price of oil, I am glad I made the move.
I would normally use 700 + gallons of oil to heat my 2,000 sq. ft. home, now I use 3.5 tons of pellets and I buy 100 gallons of oil for the season.
This 100 gallons is what I use for the furnace when the nights get to -20* or colder; I kick on the furnace for one cycle and bring the house up to 70* in the morning. Keeping the stove settings on 3+3, it maintains the house temperature for almost 24 hours. By the next morning, the house temp is about 60* (we don't like it hot when we sleep, anyway)...
People I work with thought I was crazy to buy it, now everyone seems to be getting one.
D.L. (ME)

E-Mail: Subject: "Pellet Stove Issues" January 10, 2008
I would like to say "thank you" for all of the help your staff has provided me. I was impressed with the courteous and knowledgeable service I received over the phone. I would also like to recognize Brandon for his patience and understanding of my pellet stove. I will recommend Englander stoves to anyone looking to purchase a pellet stove. Thanks again,

E-Mail: Subject: "Satisfied" January 10, 2008
I only wanted to write to say that I am extremely satisfied with my wood stove. I have the 30NC (50-SNC30) that I purchased this past summer. This is the 4th wood stove in the last 12 years I have used in my house, and this, by far, is the best. It works very well and is very efficient, as well. It is also nice to see that I can buy replacement parts for the stove if I need any, unlike my last one. Thanks Again,
J.W. (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "No hernias!" January 5, 2008
This [pellet stove] is a fabulous piece of equipment! All the benefits of wood heat with no mess, odor, or hernias!! Very cost effective...
D.D. (NH)

Thank You Card: 2008
Gentlemen, Thank you for the replacement parts. My pellet stove is up and running again. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with such an honorable co.

(Another!) Thank You Card: Subject: "I [heart] my pellet stove!" 2008
Hi Service Dept...
...Top, quality made stove, instructions easy to follow, your service tech's. are nice to talk to, and smart.
Thanks for the help,
I'm the one who keeps the stove burning, it's alot easier than a wood stove. I [heart] my pellet stove!

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