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"My wife thinks I'm a genius..."
...and other great things we've done for our customers

Testimonials, Cont'd.

E-Mail: Subject: "Exceeded my expectations" December 14, 2007   
Just want to drop you guys a note to let you know I just purchased a corn/pellet stove.
In short, the stove has exceeded my expectations. I installed it in the basement of our home, and not
only does it easily warm the basement, but it also is capable of heating the whole house -
that's a total of 3,100 square feet! Thanks and keep up the great work!
R.B. (MI)

E-Mail: Subject: "It has been an iron horse" December 12, 2007   
I've been using the wood furnace for about 4 years now and have been very happy with it.
I have a 1,600 sq. ft. rancher and it heats it really well...It has been an iron horse
ever since it was put into use. The firebricks are still original and in good condition.
In the coldest of winters it only consumes about 4 cords of wood to keep my house a
consistent 70 to 72 degrees...I even bought one for my friend who lives in
upstate PA and he loves it. Thanks for a great product.

Handwritten Note : To the President of England's Stove Works - December 2007   
I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with your stove and the service I've gotten from your
company in the past years...I won't own any other stove .

Handwritten Note - December 2007   
Thank you so much for your professional & very courteous help.
N. & M.F. (VT)

E-Mail: Subject: "It is nice to know it is there" December 11, 2007   
Thank you for the prompt answer, I have decided to purchase the stove, in part, because of the
reputation for service. I hope I don't have to use it but it is nice to know it is there.

E-Mail: Subject: "A note to say thanks" December 7, 2007   
A note to say thanks...Am happy to have our stove up and running again.

E-Mail String:
Dec. 3, 2007: We have recently purchased one of your add-on furnaces and love it.
With the oil prices and 25 acres of free wood it is really a blessing for us. I had just one question...
Sometimes, living in the rural area we lose electricity, sometimes only for a short time and sometimes
for days. Is this model okay to run if the power goes out?...
Dec. 3, Our Response: You can run this model without the blower.
Dec. 3: Thank you for your prompt response...we really appreciate your product and would recommend
it to anyone. (The stoves) are well-built and made with the do-it-yourself homeowner in mind,
which is getting harder and harder to find anymore. A good product at a reasonable price.
Thank you.

E-Mail: Subject: "Your product is far superior" November 29, 2007   
A friend of mine just purchased your Pellet Utility Furnace.
I have a <competitor's brand pellet furnace>. The construction of
your product is far superior. The welding work on my <competitor's stove> flat-out <stinks>.
...The hardware, hinges, etc. <of your stove> look to be of a higher quality.
I'm so impressed with your product that I am going to try to sell my used <competitor's stove>
in the spring and replace it with you Pellet Utility Furnace...
M.P. (NJ)

E-Mail: November 26, 2007   
...Thanks again for your terrific customer support!
G.G. (NH)

Handwritten Note - November 2007   
Thank you for a great stove. Keeps us warm, works great.

E-Mail: November 12, 2007   
...I used <your pellet stove> for one season, then I put it outside and decided I didn't have enough
room for it, and went back to oil heat. For two years, the stove sat outside, uncovered in my yard.
It got rained on, snowed on, bugs and rodents lived in it. The stove rusted outside and just sat
abandoned. Well, this year, oil is at an all-time high. I decided to dig the old <stove> out
of the yard...within 15 minutes, it was burning   pellets like nothing ever happened...
My friends came over and said "Is that the stove that sat in your yard for two years?
I said 'yes'...they were amazed.
V.S. (CT)

E-Mail: November 12, 2007   
K, I can't thank you enough for researching this for me. This kind of
dedication will keep my faith in your company. Feel free to pass this message along.
to your seniors, or supervisors, as you deserve to be recognized. Thanks again.

E-Mail: Subject: "I can trust for my family" November 12, 2007   
Thank you for a quality stove that I can trust for my family.
...Our stove (wood stove)...has already saved our family nearly a thousand dollars
in heating costs, has cookes us countless meals, and that's only from 2 1/2 seasons
of operation. It heats our entire 2 story, 1,600 sq. ft. home with minimal effort and fuel...
thanks a million, and I'll be sure to recommend your products to anyone I can.

E-Mail: November 8, 2007   
Hello! Remember us, the ones with the hideous smoke in Colorado?
We got the chimney sweep to come out...we learned some important things.
...we had been letting it smolder too much...he told us to never close that lower air <damper>.
We have the hottest, prettiest fire and...can open the door anytime we want,
and are using about 1/3 the wood now, and the glass is clean!
...we are in love with our stove!!!
C.M. (CO)

E-Mail: Subject: "Traded for a gun and beer" November 7, 2007   
...We love our [wood] stove. I traded a friend a cheap shotgun and 50 bucks for it 11 years ago. He probably has never fired the gun and he probably spent the $50 on beer the first two weeks. I have conversely kept my family, pets and home warm with it every season since then. It is a labor of love for me; cutting wood and firing the stove.
S.C. (OK)

E-Mail: Subject: "The way my questions were answered" October 22, 2007   
Hello, I'm not sure who should get this. I got one of your <13 model> wood stoves
this year. One of the main reasons was the way my questions were answered. I would like
it known that two of your employees have gone way beyond what one would expect. Both...
have been a great help...I would recommend one of your stoves just by their service alone...
D.B. (MI)

E-Mail: Subject: "Most places would have just given up" October 18, 2007   
I purchased your wood furnace in August of 2007. Due to some ...limitations in my basement,
I was unsure if I could use it and still meet my town's code.
E. in your service department was extremely helpful and very patiently answered all
of my questions...most places would have just given up, but he was very determined in assisting me.
...I am now enjoying my wood furnace and it works great. I can't believe the heat it throws off.
P.H. (NH)

E-Mail: October 15, 2007   
Just wanted to say thanks for your fast service as always, did online order on the 11th;
received today the 15th.
Thanks again!!! 
R.L. (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "Many, many tons of pellets " October 3, 2007   
I have a pellet stove that was built in October of 1996. This has been a trouble-free
unit that has provided supplemental heat for our Michigan farmhouse all this time.
Needless to say, it has burned many, many tons of pellets...
the stove has paid for itself many times over in fuel savings, considering we heat with propane.
Keep on building good stoves. Your pellet stove reminds me of a Maytag (R) washing machine...
just keeps on running.
D.D. (MI)

E-Mail: Subject: "An important part of our household appliances " October 2, 2007   
Just a few comments about the service and performance of the pellet stove we have
had the great pleasure of owning...The stove has performed great; we have run around 9+ tons
of pellets through it since we bought it, only small problems but these were quickly
resolved with your support and help. We have had the pleasure to enjoy the comforts of the
stove during extreme cold weather and found it to be an important part of our household appliances.
Thank you for the fine support and service.
L. & D. R.

E-Mail: Subject "I know a bit about metal" September 26, 2007   
...Just a wonderful stove (wood furnace), so well made and heavy duty.
You guys know how to build stoves. I know a bit about metal,
been a welder and heavy equipment operator all my life and I'm 77 years old.
Keep up the good work. Thank you much.
R.M. (MN)

E-Mail: March 19, 2007   
Last Wednesday I called you folks about a problem our pellet stove was making...
On Friday, the UPS truck pulled into our driveway with the new blower. Using the clear
instructions packed with the blower, I was able to install it quickly. Problem solved!
...Thank you for all your help. It is rare to find a company that responds so quickly and
completely to a service request, and we appreciate that you are one of those few.
E.J. & S.G. (MA)

E-Mail: Subject: "I was expecting a run-around" March 1, 2007   
Hello, My name is B.V., I contacted your company about two weeks ago...
I have to say that I was expecting a run-around from your company...Boy, was I
pleasantly surprised and impressed...Your DVD was very informative and so easy
to follow that even a novice would understand.
All I can say is "great job," and if this stove performs as well as your sales and service
department I will be very pleased.
B.V. (New England)

E-Mail: February 19, 2007
To All, I would like to thank all that helped to get me the part that I needed to repair my stove. Your service was fast and accurate. It’s very cold and we just received about 2 feet of snow. The stove 25-PDV is working fine and helping to keep us warm. My regards to all,

T.D. (NY)

Handwritten Letter: February 18, 2007   
Dear Friends:
Several years ago we purchased one of your terrific wood furnaces, and how we have enjoyed and appreciated it! ...I'll be 79 in August, and have a lot of experience with stoves. Yours are terrific!

E-Mail: Subject: "Love you more" February 17, 2007
Thank you!!! We received our order for a motor within three days!!! You people are so great!

Love you more, Bek

E-Mail: February 16, 2007
I want to thank your  technicians for all the help they have given me on this stove.  I understand, I have one of the first ones built, with a serial number of 000016...  I have called your technicians three times and they have helped, been so polite that it is a very great experience.  I can only say you should be very proud of your company. As soon as we get a few bugs worked out I believe I will have a great stove. Thank you so much for your help and the great people that work there.

T.C. (MO)

E-Mail: Subject: "No more wood piles for me" February 12, 2007
I got the [pellet furnace] and love it. Small problems at start up - your service department sent the parts out (got them in two days). Iwould like to thank Justin in your service department; a true asset to your company. The wife would like to thankyou for the yard she got back (no more wood piles for me).

E-Mail: Subject: "Holy Cow" February 5, 2007
I was looking at pellet stoves from a local hardware store, not knowing what to buy, and I saw your stove and decided to buy it because of the size and the looks - not to mention the great price. I bought the 55-SHP10 (25-PDVC), and installed it. "HOLY COW" I couldn't believe the heat this unit put out - it was too much, I called you guys and I talked to Mike (who was great), and he made a few adjustments, and it works great. Wish I bought it five years sooner. Thanks for a great stove at a great price. And thank you again Mike.


E-Mail: February 3, 2007
Quick Note: This stove is the best investment I have ever made! Thanks!

G.W. (KY)

E-Mail: Subject: "Happy Customer" January 29, 2007
I am very impressed with your stove products and customer support. My wife and I purchased a stove that has kept us warm and happy at a time when natural gas rates prevent us from keeping the house comfortably warm. your customer support has been phenomenal. I would recommend England's Stove Works to anyone seeking to purchase a wood stove.

M. & L.D. (MD)

E-Mail: January 22, 2007
My name is K.M., I purchased one of your stoves in Nov. of '05 and we love it. When we encountered a problem...I called your company and was not sure if I filled out warranty info. and sent it in, but your staff was most helpful and courteous in getting that info. taken care of, and getting me the parts I needed to get the stove up and running again.
I received the parts in two days and, in following your superb video, I was able to take apart and put the stove together again in less than an hour. Thank you for being the company that you are; if all businesses were like you, then we would all be better off. Again we thank you.

E-Mail: "Mobile Home" January 19, 2007
Wanted to let you know how great your stoves are. We live in a mobile home and the conversion kits was easy, installed in a short time and turned it on. Keeps the home nice and warm - we save lots on the electricity bills.
J.C. (TX)

E-Mail: Subject: "24th Year" January 6, 2007
My stove (I purchased it new) is entering its 24th year. You guys make a heck of a stove; I heat my house (3,100 sq. ft.) with this stove. Thanks,
R.M. (KS)

E-Mail: Subject: "After selling your stoves I bought one" December 26, 2006
After selling your stoves for 5 1/2 years, I finally bought one; the 50-SNC13I (or 13-NCI, or 50-TNC13I) wood insert. It's great. Thanks for building a quality stove.

E-Mail: Subject: "New 30-NC (or 50-SNC30, or 50-TNC30)" November 27, 2006
I just wanted to let you know that my 30-NC is up and running, and keeping us warm in Nokesville. Thanks to all of you for a nice stove and the help you gave me getting it installed.
R.B. (VA)

E-Mail: November 27, 2006
Hi, I heat my home and my cabin with woodstoves, and have done so for many years. Recently, I bought a 30-NC (or 50-SNC30, or 50-TNC30) from [a DIY store] for my cabin, and it has been just what I was looking for. Next to it is a brand new [different brand] stove ... and I do mean next to it, because I haven't gotten anyone to move them out yet.The good thing is that I can get a fire to burn for seven-plus hours without much fuss, and that is what I wanted in the first place. I am sure I will be buying another stove or two from you in the future. Tell your people they did a nice job.
A.C. (NJ)

Call-In Comment: November 13, 2006
I've had one of your stoves for 20+ years (bought new), and another that I bought used. I have heated with them for years. If you have a ballcap, I'll wear it to promote your stoves...I love your stoves!
D.J. (NC)

E-Mail: November 6, 2006
Our new pellet stove was the best investment we've made in a long time. We are completely satisfied with its performance so far, and we're telling everyone we know about England's Stove Works. Thank you!
C.W. (NY)

E-Mail: October 18, 2006
I have just started using this [25-PDVC / 55-SHP10 / 55-TRP10] pellet stove, but I must say I'm very pleased with the performance of it so far. I believe it will keep my family nice & warm this winter, and save me a lot of money on my heating costs, as well. Thank you for making an excellent product.
M.M. (MO)

E-Mail: Subject: "A+++" October 17, 2006
...Englander gets an A+++ from me...Thank you,

E-Mail: October 15, 2006
We really like the [pellet] stove a lot. It truly does the job we were looking for. I would highly recommend your product to other people. Thank you.
R.D. (NY)

E-Mail: October 2, 2006
Very good service and well taken care of. The staff and management answer all questions, and were very helpful and courteous.
M.&P. F. (OH)

E-Mail: Subject: "Add-On Furnace" October 2, 2006
I just wanted to let you folks know that about three years ago, I purchased a Add-On Furnace [model 28-3500, or 50-SHW35, or 50-TRW35] from [a DIY store], and I must say that it performs - and is constructed - extremely well. Keep up the good work, and thank you for producing a product that not only works so well, but one that will provide many years of service.
J. (MI)

E-Mail: from Alaska: September 28, 2006
Thank you so much for the awesome pellet stove, and having them at [a DIY store] in Fairbanks, Alaska. You make a great stove. Respectfully,
S.S. (AK)

E-Mail: Subject: "Love my gas stove" September 27, 2006
Just wanted to let you know how much I love this product! I got this 26-GU (60-SHU, or 60-TRU) two years ago, and tonight I got it installed (been remodeling my home for the last five years). This really sets off my living room - love it - I wanted to thank you for making this unit.
B.J. (MI)

E-Mail: Subject: "DVD was a great tool" September 25, 2006
Love my new stove!!! Your Tech. Support was a great help with the install. Your DVD was a great tool - Thank you.
T.B. (RI)

E-Mail: Subject: "Good Customer Service" May 4, 2006  
...I sent out a check today for those parts.  Thank you so much for all your help.  It is nice to see or deal with a company that has good customer service.  Have a great weekend.

E-Mail: Subject: "Best thing I ever bought" February 16, 2006  
Best thing I ever bought. I would recommend this stove to anyone.
R. S.  (PA)

E-Mail: Subject: "What Customer Service should be" January 28, 2006  
We are very happy with our pellet stove, but especially with your customer service department. We had to call regarding a problem with what turned out to be the auger and your technician walked us through the process of fixing the problem. Bravo!! You are a wonderful example of what customer service should be! Thank you!
C. & B. F.  (WA)

E-Mail: Subject: "Something that will work in mobile homes"January 26, 2006  
This is a wonderful suggestion for heating my place. My heater went out and they wanted over $10,000.00 to replace. The place I live in is so not worth that kind of  money. Thank you for having something that will work in mobile homes.
K. F.  (AZ)

E-Mail: Subject: "Very, very, very satisfied customer"January 16, 2006  
This stove is by far the best source of heating that I have ever had. It is clean and efficient; I have a 1500 square foot home and we have to keep the fuel and blower on 1 & 1, otherwise we have to open the doors and windows! I am a very, very, very satisfied customer.
R. E.  (CO)

E-Mail: Subject: "Thank You"January 16, 2006  
I just wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone involved in getting the parts I ordered to me in the turn around time it took. The parts arrived in a matter of 2 days. We have been heating our home since we bought it 4 winters ago with nothing but your Pellet Stove. It was installed by the previous homeowners. The house is somewhat unique. It is 2600 square feet and the first school house built in our village. It was converted to a home in the mid 20's. It has a front and rear staircase. The previous owners installed the stove in the central 1st floor area facing the front room. The front and rear staircases circulate the warm air between the warmest and coldest room in the house. We do keep the house temperature downstairs on the warm side, between 74 and 76. For the entire season this year, our pellet cost will be under $900 plus the electricity to run the stove. I just spoke to a friend of mine who just received last month's gas bill and for a house similar in size to ours, it was over $300. They keep it at 68 and down to 62 at night. We are extremely happy with your product and through the winter months our friends and others always comment on how warm and comfortable the house always is as well as the beauty and coziness of the fireplace itself.
P. N.

E-Mail: Subject: "A Simple Choice"January 11, 2006   
My father has had his England stove for approx. 7 years now, and has had excellent service from his stove. When I bought my stove, it was a simple choice on what brand to get.
R. C.  (OK)

E-Mail: Subject: "The best at customer service"January 10, 2006  
I do want to say that your employee W. D., man that guy is the best at customer service I have ever dealt with. Companies need more customer service individuals like W. D. Thanks!
D. W.  (MI)

E-Mail: January 9, 2006
I want to take the time to tell you that we are very satisfied with your service department. We called and a very nice man told my husband how to (fix our stove). The stove works beautiful now. The man was very patient and understanding, he is a credit to your company. Thank you for your help.
G. K.

E-Mail: Subject: "How much easier life is going to be"January 8, 2006   
The stove looks to be very well engineered and constructed. It is the right size for my use and the best one I could find for the money, (maybe none better at any price!). We have lived (here) for more than 38 years and have used many cords of wood in our (competitor's stove). We have burned the England stove only one day and already see how much easier, cleaner, safer and comfortable life is going to be!
H. C.  (NH)

E-Mail: January 8, 2006 
I did a lot of research and this stove seems to be the best value for the money. So far I love it.
R. F.  (PA)

E-Mail: Subject: Thanks for saving my marriage"

January 6, 2006

I just wanted to thank you nice folks for saving my marriage. I am a polar bear, if the house was 50 degrees, I would be fine. However, my new wife is not of the polar bear nature, she is more tropic, and prefers the house around 101 degrees. Your stove is as close as we can get to unity over this. I used 10% of my propane in a week, I can't heat this house at the fuel prices. So, her dad bought us this stove for Christmas, and I just got it installed today, what a change! This stove is great! My lovely wife has put all of the knives away and has welcomed me back into our bedroom! Thanks again, but I have to go NOW!!
D. E.  (CO)

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