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"My wife thinks I'm a genius..."
...and other great things we've done for our customers

Testimonials, Cont'd.

E-Mail: December 19, 2005   
Technical support: Thanks for solving my problem. My stove was overheating due to poor convection air flow. After I cleaned the 'room air' blower out as your technician recommended, the stove works like new!
M. W.

E-Mail: Subject: "Mom's stove"December 19, 2005   
To everyone at England's Stove Works: a big thanks to you and the support team to get mom's stove up and running. We now have the heat from the stove that is saving money and keeping the cold out. The difference its making is fantastic. Thanks for all you have done.
M. & E. F.

E-Mail: Subject: "Manners"December 9, 2005   
I would like to compliment your customer service. I feel that in order to complain about anything, one must also compliment. So here goes. I called your parts department to get a replacement door and glass gasket set. The gentleman helped me determine which model stove I had and what I needed. He was knowledgeable, helpful and polite. He gave me a price and your hours, being that I live in Lynchburg. I drive there the next morning and saw the receptionist and she politely sent me to a young lady who took my order. I pay her and a gentleman goes and gets it for me. I signed the delivery receipt, he politely answer a question for me and said "thank you". Wow! Manners. During the installation I had a question and called tech services. I got the same service. The knowledgeable gentleman answered my questions and offered installation suggestions. I completed my simple task correctly, without a hitch, courtesy of your excellent customer service. Please pass this on to the owners, managers and employees. Customer service does matter. Thank you!
R. S.  (VA)

E-Mail: Subject: "Right on target"December 7, 2005   
I recently e-mailed you in regards to a pellet stove problem I was having. I am glad to say that you were right on target with your reply. I applaud your speedy response and your expertise. Keep up the good work.
B. R. 

E-Mail: December 5, 2005   
I just want to thank all of you at Englander, I bought a pellet stove and found that it was missing a part, and I contacted customer service and they sent me the part my stove was missing. I received it much sooner than I expected. Anyway, thanks again for the great service, and I am enjoying a great product. Thanks!
C. J.  (NV)

E-Mail: Subject: "Someone knows what they're doing"December 5, 2005   
Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new Englander Model 13 NCP. I installed this in my home in October 2005. We've been using it recently with the colder weather and I couldn't be happier. It's a beautiful addition to our dining room and it's especially satisfying to view and feel the warmth from a glowing fire. I am extremely impressed with the quality and workmanship built into the stove. Someone knows what they're doing when it comes to building wood stoves. What craftsmanship! My only regret-- why didn't I do it sooner?
J. H.  (KS)

E-Mail: Subject: "I don't make a lot of trips to the wood pile"November 28, 2005   
Just wanted to drop you a line about my new stove. I got a great stove for a great price! It works very well, and heats more square footage than any stove I've ever seen and I don't make a lot of trips to the wood pile. Thanks for marketing a great stove!!
W. S.  (MO)

E-Mail: November 15, 2005   
We recently purchased your 28-3500 furnace and we are extremely pleased with its performance. It is heating our 3200 sq. foot house nicely. Thanks for your help and thanks a lot for the furnace!!!
E. L.  (WA)

E-Mail: November 14, 2005   
This is the third Englander stove I have owned, they are top notch. Thanks!
C. W.  (MO)

E-Mail: November 12, 2005   
Last year my father purchased one of your Englander Pellet Stoves after using a wood burner to supplement his oil heat system for years. Our family has had several and never a problem. This year shortly after starting to use the pellet stove, problems developed with an upper auger control sensor. I was very lucky to be transferred to a gentleman in your customer service department by the name of Eric. With Eric's assistance and direction on the phone, we managed to get the part installed. Not once through multiple calls and questions did he lose patience with me. Never once a sharp tone in his voice. When he didn't know something, he said he did not know but would find out from someone there that did. Every time he was punctual in returning my call with the answer to my question. Eric is quite simply an asset to your business and I could not let his kindness to both me and my family go without letting you know. He even called my parent's home today to check to make sure everything was okay. What a blessing he is to Englander Stoves.
M. S.   (PA)

E-Mail: Subject: "No better stove for the price"November 11, 2005   
I really think there is NO better stove for the price than what you offer and the quality of the exterior welds is actually better than on some of the most expensive ones out there. Keep up the good work and I'll keep telling everyone how nice my stove is!
K. W.  (PA)

Thank you for your awesome customer service. You worked hard to help us get our stove to work. We love it. I wish more companies were like you! Thanks again! V. & R. C.

Subject: "A little more tolerable"November 4, 2005   

We bought a wood pellet stove this fall and we are so delighted with it that we went out and bought a second one for our garage/workshop. I can't believe how clean and simple to operate they are. Being a former wood stove user, when we built our new place, we looked for an alternative to wood in a cost range we could afford. Well, pellet stove is the answer. No smoke in the middle of the night, no creosote build up running down the outside of the house, no worry about chimney fires and no messy wood and ashes in the house. Thanks England you've made winter a little more tolerable.
J. & P. P.

Subject: "Good Job"November 3, 2005   

Hi guys and gals! I wanted to send you guys an e-mail to say thanks and give credit where credit is due. Once again your company has amazed me and helped me get my stove operational after a small problem with my control board. Your customer service department is A+ and very knowledgeable about your stoves and products. I wanted to give thanks also to your company for once again making our home a warm one this winter. Good job!
J. W. (IA)

Subject: "Calling The Gas Company"October 31, 2005   

I purchased one of your 13-NCL stoves a week ago. The installation was easy. No problems were encountered. It was a super buy at less than half the cost of the other stoves on the market. It looks great in the house. Finally found the stove that compliments our house. It's performance is more than expected. I have installed a lot of stoves over the years, but for the price, looks and performance you make the best stove on the market. Don't let the size fool you. We absolutely love the stove. The fan kit option is also a good choice. Thank you for making an affordable stove that doesn't break the bank. I forgot to tell you that I will be calling the gas company here to have the meter removed since I now have an efficient clean way to heat over 1900 square feet. Thank you.
B. R. (AZ)

E-Mail: September 12, 2005   
It looks to be very well made. Quite attractive and yet practical!
C. R.  (NY)

E-Mail: Subject: "Made In America"September 4, 2005   
We were happy and proud to purchase a stove made in our own country, to help keep jobs at home and support our fellow Americans!!
R. W.    (CT)

E-Mail: July 7, 2005   
Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. In a time when it seems most companies have forgotten what good customer service means. It is nice to know that there are still businesses like Englander Stoves that still know how to go the extra mile to deliver GREAT customer service. You can be sure that I will highly recommend Englander Stoves to anyone looking to buy a stove. Again, thank you.
J. A.

E-Mail: June 21, 2005   
Gentlemen, thank you so much for the quick and outstanding response, I have received the replacement item, the stove is up and running fine. I cannot express enough my sincere gratitude for your customer service response, the CD helped me understand the stoves operation better, the part repaired it and is working fine. We look forward to using this stove for many years to come to supplement the heat in our new home. It is not often you find such outstanding service from a company, that did not think twice about sending out a replacement part, but wanted their product to work and the customer to be happy. A satisfied customer.
L. R.

E-Mail: May 26, 2005   
My wife and I are exceptionally pleased with your product. It is very effective.
H. M.    (CA)

Subject: "Quick on replies"April 13, 2005   

Love the stove! Good service from Englander, quick on replies!
L.W. (VT)

E-Mail: April 7, 2005   
I would like to thank England Stove Works for staying price competitive with the likes of the other major stove manufacturers. I am sure that my family and I will enjoy the warmth from your stove for many winters to come.
D. C.    (KS)

Subject: "I will recommend your stoves"April 2, 2005   

I have had a couple of problems, but I talked to Mike and Lee. They are very helpful and I appreciate the customer service your company has. I will recommend your stoves. Thank you for the help.
D. M. (WI)

Subject: "Future in Hollywood"April 1, 2005   

Let me say here, that Mike, Fred & Lenny have all been a great help to me and got me thru various problems, from installation last fall, to shut-down this spring. Always professional and clear with instructions. Oh yeah, that Mike is also a good performer in the new service DVD. He may have a future in Hollywood. LOL. But seriously, keep up the good work guys, its nice to see a company that stands behind their products these days. Thanks sincerely.
C. A.

E-Mail: March 17, 2005   
Very pleased with the quality and performance of the stove. Would recommend to family and friends. Thanks!
E. B.    (NH)

Subject: "Wondering why I waited so long"March 17, 2005   

Beautiful stove. Wondering why I waited so long to purchase a wood stove!
M. P. (WI)

Subject: "I will never have any other stove in my home"March 8, 2005   

I just bought my stove a couple weeks ago and was having a couple problems. I spoke with a customer service rep today and I just wanted to say he was the nicest and most helpful person I have had to deal with in a long time. He answered all my questions and filled out a form to get me the parts I need for my stove. I will never have any other stove but an Englander in my home if this is the type of service I get from you! Thank you very much!
T. P.

Subject: "5 pellet stoves"February 26, 2005   

I was intent on buying one of your stoves (my brother has 2 of them), and went to (a national store) and they had two left, and both on clearance, so we bought both of them. Between my brother and myself we now have 5 pellet stoves and love them.
B. B.    (NC)

Subject: "You deserve a gold star"February 25, 2005   

Dear WD, we would like to thank you for all of your help and the great customer service that you provided when we were having problems with our pellet stove... It is nice to come home to a nice warm house when you have been working all day and the weather is really cold. Thanks again for everything, you deserve a gold star.
B. & C. F.

Subject: "A pleasure to speak with"February 21, 2005   

Thank you, England's Stove Works, for employing people like WD. We had a problem with a stove, and this man was understanding, 100% knowledgeable of the product, and a pleasure to speak with. We're glad to have met him and we're very thankful for the help he provided. We have nothing but great things to say about your company and its products, and WD is responsible for that.
T. & K. M. 

Subject: "Long New Hampshire winters"February 18, 2005   

Great stove! Plenty of heat for our long New Hampshire winters!!! P. D.   (NH)

Letter: February 18, 2005   
I bought one of your pellet stoves. I am very proud of your stoves, they are the best investment I have ever put in. Your company can be very proud of your stoves. M. S.    (OK)

Subject: "Very good customer service"February 10, 2005   

Hi my name is M. N., I am a (national store) employee and now a proud owner of my pellet stove I picked up at (the national store). I recently had a problem with my pellet stove blowing a fuse, and called the 1-800 number in my book and spoke to Mike... Mike helped me step by step to make sure my pellet stove was in working order. Mike actually stayed on the phone with me and made sure I was all set. I think this is very good customer service... I just wanted to send an email with my gratitude for you having such good customer service and will pass it along to all of the customers I come across while working at (my store).
M. N.    (ME)

Subject: "Score one for us"February 6, 2005   

Purchased as a replacement for our (competing stove brand)
E. L.    (NH)

Subject: "Drove 450 miles to purchase this stove"January 22, 2005   

Drove 450 miles to purchase this stove, second one that we have owned. M. N.    (MI)

Subject: "Does not cost half as much as the oil furnace we had"January 6, 2005   

We are very pleased with our purchase. It does exactly what we wanted and does not cost half as much as the oil furnace we had before.
A. B.    (MD)

Subject: "It's great to have a warm basement for a change"January 5, 2005   

We live just outside of Washington D. C. It's great to have a warm basement for a change. E. H.    (MD)

Subject: "The old oil burner doesn't run as much as it used to"January 3, 2005   

I really love my new stove. Installed it a week before Christmas. It gets pretty darn cold here in NE PA. It kicks out a good amount of heat. The old oil burner doesn't run as much as it used to. Nominal amount of upkeep. Gotta love it!!
J. B.    (PA)

Subject: "I didn't think I could like the stove anymore than I already did"January 2005

Thank you so very much for the blower. I didn't think I could like this stove anymore than I already did, it was amazing before. But now it's unbelievable - the difference in the overall warmth of the house and the efficiency of the stove.
R. & P. B..   (KS)

Subject: "An excellent investment"December 5, 2004   

So far I think the stove has been an excellent investment, your tech-support has been excellent. Thank you.
D. F.   (CO)

Subject: "Good looking stove"December 4, 2004   

A very good looking stove.
W. F.  (NY)

Subject: "Another quick 'I love my stove!' "December 4, 2004   

We love our stove!!!
S. O.  (NY)

December 2, 2004   

I installed the stove on December 1st. It impressed me in one day! I have had friends over to see it and I think that it sold itself to them. R. B.  (IL)

November 23, 2004   

I like the stove's touch pad controls and dual auger set up. Great job!
G. S.  (NH)

E-Mail:  November 22, 2004   
I will recommend the England pellet stove to all my friends, it is a great way to heat any home or workshop.
R. O.  (MI)

Subject: "You diagnosed the problem quickly" November 18, 2004   

Last Saturday we called and spoke with you about our fireplace insert stove and the problem we were having keeping the stove running. You diagnosed the problem quickly and gave us the information on how to fix the stove. We followed your advice and the stove has worked prefectly all week. Just wanted to send a note and thank you. The stove is really heating the home nicely.
J. & R. H.  (NY)

Subject: "Keeps our family together evenings"November 17, 2004   

Really heats our home with a warm heat that is very economical and beautiful. Keeps our family together evenings in the dining room to watch the flames and talking.
B. H.  (NE)

E-Mail: November 17, 2004   
All set up and running just great. Maybe another one next fall.
M. C. (MA)

Subject: "May have to get the sleeping bag out" November 15, 2004   

Got it hooked up and I am enjoying not only watching the fire (may have to get the sleeping bag out and curl up in front of the stove), but also how much better it works than the small Chinese box wood stove I had been using. Thanks.
R. M.  (MO)

E-Mail: November 15, 2004   
The stove works great. The stove is very easy to fill and also looks great. Thank you.
W. H.  (WI)

E-Mail: November 15, 2004   
Love the stove.
W. V.  (ME)

Subject: "Was a breeze to set up" November 11, 2004   

Works real well. Was a breeze to set up including the Simpson vent through the wall.
D. G.  (CT)

Letter: November 2004   
Bob, thank you for your time and personal attention. Have a nice holiday.
D. & B. C.

Subject: "Your stoves are super" November 5, 2004   

Your stoves are super. I would enjoy selling them for you. Keep up the good work.
M. & D. R. (NY)

Subject: "Happy Mountain Man"

I came across your web site today and read the testimonials section, and had to take a minute to send you ours. In the fall of 2000 my wife and I purchased a model 28-3500 (wood/coal add-on furnace). We feel it was one of the best investments we've made for our home. We live on a high mountain top in western Pennsylvania (some of our friends refer to it as "Walton's Mountain"). We have experienced temps at -5 deg. F with 45 mph winds, and the house stays between 72 - 78 deg. F. We burn 4 - 5 cords of wood per season. The house is 2184 sq. ft., and we usually load the stove 2 - 3 times in 24 hours (when the outside temp is below 20 deg. F, and 1 - 2 times in 24 hours when the outside temp is above 20 deg. F).
We highly recommend the (add-on furnace) to anyone who would like to have constant, even heat throughout their whole home. I also ran ductwork to our 2 car attached garage; it usually stays around 60 deg. F.
Thank you for a product that performs like you said it would.
Happy Mountain Man
R.P. (PA)

Subject: "Thank You"
November, 2004
...Thank you so very much...with our new stove it's going to take 1/10th of the wood we used last year. We can build a fire and we only have to add to it one or two times in a 24-hour period. It stays so toasty warm; it heats so much better and is 100x more efficient. I can't tell you "thank you" enough or tell you how very appreciative we are for your quality workmanship and product...We have recommended this brand and model of stove to everyone we have talked to...
P.&R. B. (MO)

Subject: "We look forward to warm evenings watching TV"
November 8, 2004
Enclosed please find (payment)...for the cost and shipping of the following options for our newly- purchased Model 13-NCI Wood Insert Stove...(Brass lip and backplate trim and Brass trim ring for door)...
Your stove is a good, solid-crafted work, and we look forward to warm evenings watching TV...
M.F. (OH)

October 27, 2004
Nice little stove with plenty of heat.
J.F. (ME)

Subject: "My 4th England's Stove purchase"
My 4th England's Stove purchase. Very pleased with each!
S.P. (MA)

Subject: "I shopped around"
October 30, 2004
The pellet stove is so easy to operate...One button operation. It produces heat in just a few minutes. I shopped around for the features, this was a great price. Thank you. Great stove!
R.L. (NH)

October 31, 2004
We love our new pellet stove; we feel we have definitely received our money's worth for such a fine product.
R.H. (WA)

Subject: "I am totally impressed!"
October 13, 2004
...I just hooked the stove up on Saturday, and I can't believe how well it works!!! I am totally impressed!! We have it in the basement but it radiates heat throughout the house, and doesn't use near the wood my old one does and it's good for hours once you fill it up...

October 12, 2004
This is my second pellet stove. I had (another brand) previously, I have been burning this stove for a week now and am very impressed with it!
J.N. (PA)

October 8, 2004
My first pellet stove. So far so good...I really like it.
R.H. (ME)

Subject: "I'm never going to give up my pellet stove!"
August 26, 2004
I'm the very proud owner of your small pellet stove. This will be my 3rd winter with it, and I absolutely adore it. Constant, even heating without the muss, fuss and bother of a wood stove. I'm never going to give up my pellet stove! I strongly encourage my family and friends to check your stoves out whenever they're in the market.
Your service department helped me with 2 minor issues as well. They were fast, friendly and expert. A real joy to work with. THANKS for your hard work!
W.W. (VT)

Subject: "One of the great inventions of all time"
March 19, 2004
Have one of your stoves! Love it, one of the great inventions of all time...

Subject: "You guys/gals are wonderful"
March 30, 2004
Thank you so very much! I was able to find it right away. You guys/gals are wonderful!!! By the way, we are really enjoying our pellet stove from your company. Thanks again.

Subject: "I don't know how you did it..."
March 24, 2004
Thank you. I don't know how you did it...I ordered the item late Monday and it arrived Tuesday afternoon...Thank you! I will highly recommend your company to everyone I know with wood stoves!

February 21, 2004
First of all I would like to say that I love my pellet stove. Although I have had a little trouble with one of the auger motors, it has given me about 4 years of good service. I bought it used, but I would not hesitate to buy a new one if I ever need it...I have just installed a new auger motor which I purchased from you and I appreciate the quick service. Once again THANK YOU for excellent service.

Subject: "I've enjoyed the total silence coming from my chain saw"
February 10, 2004
We have one of your pellet stoves...we have so far loved the stove and it burns great...the stove has been great and I have enjoyed the total silence coming from my chain saw.
F.R. (IN)

Thank-You Card:
February 3, 2004
Your company has very polite customer service people. I'm not sure who I talked with, but they knew exactly what I needed and only took minutes to place my order.
Thanks again

Wow! This is a great heater. It works very well, your instructions are super! What a great product! Keep up the good work.
J.C. (RI)

February 5, 2004
Great product! Heats 1,500 sq. ft. on three floors. Haven't used electric heat even when temps were well below zero, except when fuel was dusty.
W.Q. (NH)

Subject: "A 'WARM' Thank You"
January 26, 2004
I received the replacement auger motor on Friday, put it in on Saturday and the stove has been running fine since. I want to thank you for your help and prompt service.
A "WARM" Thank You,

Subject: We took the hint
January 18, 2004
Well it's been a week and since I took your advice the stove has been working to it's usual good performance...But I think next year I will "trade" up to a larger stove, Englander WILL be my first choice because of its simplicity. Too bad you don't make a self-igniting one yet (HINT, HINT). Again, thanks for your prompt service.
B.R., faithful customer
EDITOR'S NOTE: We took the hint, B.R.!

Subject: "I'll tell everyone in town...all 33"
January 8, 2004
...You guys have good lookin' products, I'll tell everyone in town...all 33.
P.R. (CA)

January 6, 2004
I want to thank you for your quick attention to my order...Now, not only am I extremely pleased with the stove, but your prompt service puts the icing on the cake!

Subject: "Where has this sweet little thing been all my life?"
January 6, 2004
It is installed...And I love it...Where has this sweet little thing been all my life??? Just in time, too...
We are expecting single #'s for temps...

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