Wood Stove Parts

Please choose your stove's model number to see a list of available parts and accessories.

Please Note: The model numbers listed on each page are our "basic" model numbers.
If you purchased a store model number (ending in "L," "LC," "H," "CT," etc.) simply drop the last letters of your model number.

12-FP, 50-SFP12 and 50-TFP12 models
12-FPP, 12-FPL & 12-FPG;
50-SFP12P, 50-SFP12L & 50-SFP12G;
50-TFP12P, 50-TFP12L & 50-TFP12G
13-NC, 50-SNC and 50-TNC models
13-NCC, 13-NCP, 13-NCL, 13-NCG & 13-NCMH;
50-SNC13C, 50-SNC13P, 50-SNC13L, 50-SNC13G
50-SNC13PL & 50-SNCMH13;
50-TNC13C, 50-TNC13P,
50-TNC13L, 50-TNC13G& 50-TNCMH13
or Golden Eagle

13-NC, 50-SNC and 50-TNC models


17-VL, 50-SVL17 and 50-TVL17 models

17-VL, 50-SVL17, 50-SVL17LC
& 50-TVL17

15-SSW01, 50-SHSSW01 and 50-TRSSW01 models

The Madison
15-SSW01, 50-SHSSW01
and 50-TRSSW01

30-NC, 50-SNC30 and 50-TNC30 models

30-NCP, 30-NCL & 30-NCG;
50-SNC30P, 50-SNC30L,
50-SNC30PM & 50-SNC30G;
50-TNC30P, 50-TNC30L
& 50-TNC30G

28-3500,50-SHW35 and 50-TRW35

28-3500, 50-SHW35
or 50-TRW35
18-TRD, 50-SHW10D and 50-TRW10D

18-TR, 18-TRD,
50-SHW10D or 50-SHW10DL,

50-TRW10 or 50-TRW10D
18-MH,50-SHW15 and 50-TRW15

18-MH, 50-SHW15
or 50-TRW15

24-ACD,50-SHW24 and 50-TRW24
24-ACD, 24-FC,
50-SHW16 or 50-SHW16L
50-TRW24 or 50-TRW16
24-ICD,50-SHW25 and 50-TRW25

24-ICD, 50-SHW25
or 50-TRW25
24-JC,50-SHW20 and 50-TRW20

24-JC, 50-SHW20
or 50-TRW20

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