AC-3003 Remote Thermostat

Enjoy the convenience of remote control with your Pellet stove!! (See model list below)
-- Without having to purchase a retro kit or any other expensive adaptation --

System is simple to install (even easier than a wall thermostat) -- installs in about 5 minutes!
This great remote control system will fit your existing Englander, Summers Heat or Timber Ridge Pellet stove (fits all pellet models with manufacture date of 1993 - 2003, and certain newer models - see below).

Included are:
Transmitter with LCD screen that displays room temperature, the set temperature, 24 hour clock, and more...
Battery-operated receiver -- can be installed with wall plate (also included) or on floor near stove...
Wiring, hardware and instructions ... basically, everything needed
to transform your stove into a remote-controlled heater -- (even includes batteries!)

Check out a few of the great features of this remote control system:

Temperature gauge is located on the hand-held transmitter - meaning that if you set it at 72 Degrees, it will become this temperature in whatever location you carry the transmitter
Transmitter can be set to operate the stove thermostatically, manually, or with a countdown timer
Transmitter has a flip cover to protect buttons from accidental programming
System's operating distance is 20 feet
All battery operated - R.F.
LCD displays both room and set temperature in °F or °C
9-hour countdown time
Adjustable temperature swing (differential) setting
24-hour clock
Flame icon and Low Battery indicator
Childproof lockout feature
All batteries included

With our 1993-2003 Pellet stoves the heater will go into "low" mode instead of turning fully OFF.
With our "CPM," "EP," "PAH" or "IP" models, thermostat can additionally make stove turn OFF and then re-ignite, as needed
(simply press two buttons on the stove's Control Board to switch between modes - see Owner's Manual for your stove on our web site).
NOTE: Works with 1993-2003 Pellet models, and Mult-fuel (models with "CPM" in model number), as well as Pellet models with "EP" or "PAH" or "IP" in the model number.

Upgrade your Pellet unit today!
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If you need more information on this, please call our Technical Support at (800) 245-6489 or email us.

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