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Still More ESW Metal Fabrication Capabilities...

Finn-Power Turret Punch Plasma Table (CNC) Shearing (CNC) Iron Workers
Amada-Octo Punch (CNC) Press Brakes (CNC) Wheelabrator Band Saws
Pressformer Welding Misc. (finishing, delivery, etc.)

Iron Workers
Iron Worker - Geka Iron Workers

This 35-ton Geka Iron Worker does it all:  Punching, Angle Iron Cutting, Notching, Round Stock, Flat Bar, Corner Rounding and Shearing -- In nominal thickness up to 3/4".

We also have two 30-ton Pirahna Iron Workers with all of the same capabilities of the Geka, and more.  We have several add-ons with these Iron Workers for special notches and bending.  Also, for special punching and notching on longer parts, we have a 20-ton Mega Punch.


When it comes to steel shot-blasting, this multi-directional wheelabrator can get the job done.  Its two impressive 96" rotating swing tables ensure that it can handle even the biggest of tasks (the stoves on the right swing table in the picture are 22.25"W x 33"H x 19.5"D, and there's room to spare).
Wheelabrator Fabrication

Shearing Fabrication Shearing(CNC)

Our Accurshear has a ten-foot table length, CNC operated backstop, pneumatic sheet support fingers and quite possibly the most true squaring arm in the world.

This particular shear is only two years old, and we try to keep it in perfect condition and calibration so that it can perform the most exacting shear jobs possible.

More Capabilities...

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