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Finn-Power Turret Punch Plasma Table (CNC) Shearing (CNC) Iron Workers
Amada-Octo Punch (CNC) Press Brakes (CNC) Wheelabrator Band Saws
Pressformer Welding Misc. (finishing, delivery, etc.)

Press Brakes
Metal Benders
Press Brakes (CNC)

We have two Toyokoki CNC Operated Press Brakes.   Both are less than two years old -- one is an 80-ton machine that boasts an 8-foot bed using Euro style punches, and the other is a 55-ton unit that has a 6-foot bed and also uses Euro style punches.Press Brake - Toyokoki
We have a wide variety of bottom dies to metal of your close-tolerance specifications.  Both of our Toyokokis have thickness detection that allows holding tolerances to within .003" from side to side, even when using less-than-perfect metals.
Pacific Press

Or, for the really heavy jobs, let us bend your parts on this 225-ton Pacific Press.  With its 10-foot bed and end horn, it should be able to handle any of your heavy bending needs!
Metal Press - Pacific
Pressformer Pressformer.web.jpg (14274 bytes) Pacific Press Pressformer

This massive pressformer was at one time the em>largest in the state of Virginia.  Its ram platform is 24" x 24" and its table is 48" x 40".  There are truly very few jobs that this press can't handle.

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