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March is Finally Here!

We'd like to drop a quick "WELCOME" to our newest newsletter subscribers.  We told you these would only be 'occasional' newsletters, but we do like to keep in touch with our customers and friends from time to time.  If you know of anyone else who might like our newsletter, please forward this to them (using the link at the bottom of this email).
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In this issue...

  • Crazy Winter
  • Springing Forward
  • A Phone App We May Actually Use
  • A New Look



(By the way, check out for informative, detailed maps for temperature, water, etc. - very neat stuff)

What a Winter

 At the time of our last newsletter back in January (we really do need to stay in touch a little more often), the headline on Drudge was screaming "STORM FOR 2,100 MILES,"  and they weren't kidding. 

As you may know, we handle all of our own Technical Support and Customer Service calls in-house with our own factory-trained technicians, so we talk to people all over the U.S. and Canada from our offices here in Central Virginia...

And Wow! Have we all had a crazy winter, all across the U.S.!  We started out here in VA expecting perhaps one of the coldest winters ever, and it got cold - for a little while, anyway.  This last weekend was almost spring-like, and tomorrow's temperature may reach 60, but we did have tornado watches yesterday (which is all but unheard of at this time of year). 

But nothing can match the "challenges" you guys in the Midwest and Northeast have had.  Bet you're glad March is finally here! At least that's one step closer to warmer weather, anyway. 

Time to warm your feet by the (pellet insert) fire!

To make you feel a little better (or worse, depending on where you may be), here are the latest "Daily U.S. Extremes"
Brownsville, TX: 90 degrees F
Boulder, WY: -19 (yes, negative 19) degrees F

Doesn't even seem like they're on the same planet, much less in the same country, does it?

And Speaking of Spring -

March 20 is the First Day of Spring, although many of our customers can attest to the fact that it won't feel like spring in their hometown for some time yet.

And don't forget that March 13 is the start of Daylight Savings Time, so 'spring forward' that Sunday morning!


 A Phone App We May Actually Use

(We had this in our last newsletter, but thought it was worth running again, particularly for our new subscribers):
After a recent newsletter edition where we discussed an article related to fair cordwood prices, we heard from Jeremy Condie, who had this to say:

"Hi -
I noticed you linked your website to the cord of wood article in a recent USAToday. My firm has recently written a simple but powerful iPhone/iPad app called Cord Of Wood to help stove owners be sure they are getting the amount of wood they pay for. It's on the AppStore and is quite popular. Please feel free to mention it to clients & suppliers. Suggestions for improvement are appreciated."

OK Jeremy, we just did.  :)


A New Look

Keep an eye on our website, , as we'll be changing our look in the 'offseason' (spring to fall).  

Any website needs to be updated once in awhile, but we have a list of ideas for our site that is literally pages in length, and that - most importantly - should help our prospective and existing customers to find what they need in a helpful, timely fashion.  

So keep checking in with us, and of course we'll make an announcement when we have it all nailed down.  Bottom line is this: we want to make your experience with owning and operating our stoves as efficient and as friendly as possible.

And, as always, a reminder: 

Keep in mind that, if you know which part you need, you can purchase it online from our Online Parts Store, saving you the time of making a phone call.

Also, if you have any technical issues, product questions or need other information, feel free to email us anytime. We do try to answer all emails within one business day.

Finally, if you're having any problems with your stove, you may find the help you need by trying our Click-through Troubleshooting Guide.

AS ALWAYS, we do thank you for your business!


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