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September 2013 - The Heating Season is Here!
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We also try to include helpful tips and ideas that may help you heat your home better.
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It's hard to believe we're sending out our 'Get Ready for the Heating Season' newsletter, when it is currently 90 degrees here in Central Virginia. 
But our phones are ringing and the evenings are cooling down, which means that our friends in the North and Midwest are already getting their stoves ready for those cool fall nights.
In fact, Friday night football is going to be downright cool for some of us this week:


So as you put on the work gloves and begin checking out your stove and chimney, please remember that our busy season is coming up fast. Beat the rush and give us a call with any questions asap, and we'll help you get your stove ready for another season of comfy, real-wood heating.
Tech Support: (800) 245-6489

Early Bird Kits Sale ending SOON               
If you haven't heard, we've had our annual Early Bird Kit sale running for awhile now...
What is an Early Bird Kit? 
An Early Bird Kit is a great way to get your stove ready for the upcoming heating season!
We have Early Bird Kits for just about every stove model we make (wood, pellet or multi-fuel), and you can go with the kit that contains the gaskets that you should replace annually, OR you may choose the 'Overhaul Kit' that contains all of the most commonly-replaced items for your stove.
Click Here to visit our store and find your model number to see which Early Bird Kits are available for your stove -
and SAVE Big -- including Free Shipping!

Will a wood or pellet stove save me money?
Probably the biggest question people ask as they are looking into purchasing a wood or pellet stove is - Will a wood or pellet stove save me money?
Whether you or someone you know are in the market for a new stove, or even if you already have one of our great stoves, 
check out our fuel calculator page to see how much you can save annually.  
Zone heating is a great, responsible way to save money (and energy), and the feeling of real-wood heat (whether cordwood or wood pellets) is a feeling like no other.  Pre-season sales are already in full swing in some areas, so feel free to visit our Dealer page to find a dealer near you.

Now a word from our friends at Dummies...
I recently discovered that doesn't just cover technical topics; it covers everything from good manners to online dating. I guess they're trying to corner the market on, well, dummies.
They even have an article on preparing your chimney and wood stove for winter, here.

It's not a comprehensive article, but it does give a few good pointers and provides a good starting point - and remember - clicking on any article on does NOT mean that you are admitting to being a dummy, in any way. 
If it did, I'd be at least a triple-confirmed dummy from this week alone.

Until next time...

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