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"Fall's Here!"
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Football, Hockey and Hot Dogs

Fall is here, and festivals across the nation are celebrating the last of the warm nights and preparing us for cool times ahead. It's a fun time of year with school, football, hockey and our favorite toppings on our hot dog on game night.
We're seeing the lights that represent our customer service lines lighting up more often and staying lit longer as homeowners call in with questions and parts orders as the stoves in the Northeast and cooler parts of the Midwest begin firing up. 

As you begin getting your stove ready for the season, you can log onto our website at any time, 24 hours a day, to download your stove's manual, obtain a wealth of service information, or order parts for your stove.  And of course you can call us from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Mon. - Fri. to speak to a Technical Service tech.

Speaking of which -- keep in mind that we offer Technical Support from folks who are not just factory-trained, but factory employees in most cases. Our folks can help get your stove up and running quickly if a problem should arise or if you have cleaning or maintenance questions.

Part of our Tech. Support crew

Heating Oil ain't getting any cheaper...

A recent article from the Patriot Ledger details some of the challenges homeowners are facing as they 'seek alternatives to high-priced heating oil,' which is pushing $4 per gallon (nearly triple what they were a decade ago), according to the article.

Click here to see the article from the Patriot Ledger

If you have one of our wood or pellet stoves, you already know that using a stove (or stoves) to heat your home can add up to big savings, but we're glad more folks are finding that out.  :)

If you know anyone who is looking for a great way to heat their home and save money, please send them to our Dealer page to find a dealer near them. 
They can also call (800) 516-3636 and speak to Sales to get help finding a dealer. 

  Questions as you're getting ready for the winter?
You can check out our website, email us
or call us Toll-Free at 800-245-6489.

We sent out our EARLY BIRD KIT Sale notices over the past couple of newsletters, and it is finally time to pull the plug on the sale for the year.  The sale will be pulled off of the web site soon and put on the shelf until next year (hopefully - we can't guarantee an annual sale).

In case you haven't heard of this before you may be asking:
What is an Early Bird Kit? 

An Early Bird Kit is a great way to get your stove ready for the upcoming heating season. 
We have Early Bird Kits for just about every stove model we make, and you can go with the kit that contains the gaskets that you should replace annually, OR you may choose the 'Overhaul Kit' that contains all of the most commonly-replaced items for your stove.
As of last season, we added the long-overdue Overhaul Kits for Wood Stoves...Now you can purchase an Overhaul Kit for your EPA Certified non-catalytic wood model that includes door gasket, window gasket AND the ceramic fiber board that makes your non-catalytic wood stove burn so efficiently.

We mentioned this previously, but it's a very popular item - we've now added the Combustion Motor Gasket to our pellet kits, so that you can remove the motor (only) from your Combustion (Exhaust) Blower, clean the inside of the housing, and replace the motor with a new gasket...this saves a little time and you don't have to remove the blower from the stove or disconnect your pellet pipe. 
Contact us if you have any questions regarding that - or any other maintenance - at 800-245-6489.
Click Here to visit our store and find your model number to see which Early Bird Kits are available for your stove -
and SAVE Big -- including Free Shipping!


Coming Soon --

Throughout the fall and winter, keep an eye on our website, , for exciting changes! One of the additions will be that you will be able to go to your stove and click on any number of tasks for a video refresher - for example, how to change an auger motor or apply your new glass gasket. But there will be plenty of other great changes besides that, as well.

 And keep in mind whenever you want to see a list of Englander, Summers Heat and Timber Ridge stove dealers near you
We'd love for you to spread the word to any family and friends!
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Early Bird Kit sales will be ending soon...


If you want to beat the fall price increases, please purchase yours soon!





ENJOY the fall!
As always, we appreciate your business and loyalty to our great stoves.
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