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December 2011
"Merry Christmas"
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Season's Greetings from
England's Stove Works!

In this issue...

  • Number of Households Heating with Wood Rises
  • Busy Season So Far, Still Plenty of Deals
  • It's Cold! Bear with Us
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


More Households are Burning Wood

There's an informative article at that addresses the fact that more people are heating with wood now...quite a few more.  In fact, they cite a statistic that shows that 34 percent more households heated with wood in 2010 than did in 2000 - a pretty good jump by any means!

There are some good explanations for this in the article, which may be a good read for you (or a friend or family member that is considering wood heat).  EPA stoves are mentioned, of course, and you can see (by clicking here to visit our website) that nearly all of our stoves are EPA (and WA State) certified.

Click Here to check out the article "Number of households heating with wood rises."

Tis the (Busy) Season!

Maybe it's because more people are heating with wood (including pellet fuel), or maybe it's just because more folks are getting concerned about oil prices, but we've had a busy season so far this year (and we're not complaining).
There should still be plenty of stoves left in the stores, and plenty of deals to be had, particularly as the season begins to "wrap up" (at least from the retailers' perspective) in the next month or so.

Click Here to Check out our listing of Dealers and visit one today or this weekend.  A good deal on one of our stoves today can literally lead to a lifetime of savings on your heating costs!



It's Getting Cold! 

Speaking of the busy season...

Colder weather leads to the "heat of the season" for customer service, and there may be busy periods for our phone lines, and wait times may be longer than usual, unfortunately.  Folks are calling in with installation questions, parts calls, etc. as well as Technical Support issues. 
Please bear with us as we attempt to give complete service to every call.

At England's Stove Works, we take Tech. Support seriously.  In fact, we honestly believe (based on our experience and what we hear in the industry) that we have the best support in the business, for several years running.

Please keep in mind that our operators on our main/parts line cannot transfer calls to the Tech. Support location; please call (800) 245-6489 for any stove-related questions or Tech. Support issues. 

Click Here for our Support Info. Page

You may save yourself some time by trying our Click-through Troubleshooting Guide before you call.  It's fairly simple and covers many of the main issues that may arise with your stove.

Alternatively, you may wish to reach us by email, where we attempt to answer every email within one business day.  Click here for our email info. page.

AS ALWAYS, we do thank you for your business!

From Us to You...

We'd like to give you a big THANKS one more time this year, for believing in our products and for supporting an American-Made manufacturing company.

We appreciate your business and we'd love to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year!


Thanks again for reading our Newsletter!  Contact us if you have any questions or need help with our product.
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As always, we appreciate your business and loyalty to our great stoves!
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