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"It's the humidity"
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Crazy from the Heat

It seems like every summer, things happen that make you wonder if everyone is going 'crazy from the heat.'

If you've followed the Casey Anthony trial at all, the folks reporting and commenting on the trial would definitely agree with that statement!

It's HOT here in Central VA, and very humid, to boot...and likely it's hot where you are, too.  But soon enough, it will be cooling down again and it looks like oil and electricity prices could possibly go 'crazy' this winter, with all of the instability in the Middle East and in our own economy.

So when you're ready to begin the process of getting your budget-friendly stove ready this fall, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with your stove.

"Get your Early Bird Kits, while they're hot..."

Okay, enough with the hot jokes.  In our last newsletter, we mentioned that our EARLY BIRD KIT Sale is going on right now, for a limited time.

And although it may seem like a strange time to be thinking about  gaskets or overhaul kits for your stove, customers who have taken advantage of this sale in the past ask us every year when our Early Bird sale is going to's the only sale we do each year, and it has become a big hit with our long-time customers.  You can save a good bit of money up front, and we offer Free Shipping with each kit, which of course means even more savings.

Click Here to visit our store and find your model number to see what Early Bird Kits are available for your stove -
and save big!


Do you happen to live in OR?

If you happen to live in Oregon (specifically Lane County), or know anyone who lives there, we have some good news.  Federal stimulus money has been allocated to residents of Eugene, Springfield and Cottage Grove - meaning that rebates of $2,000 are available to help you switch from an old, uncertified wood stove to a new, certified wood (or pellet) stove.  And we have PLENTY of great EPA (and even WA State) certified wood and pellet stoves that we offer through our dealers.

You can read more about the program by clicking here.

As we hear of more rebate or stimulus programs that can help homeowners, we'll try to pass them on to you via this newsletter or our facebook or twitter accounts. 

And don't forget, there is a $300 Federal Tax Credit going on right now, for certified wood and pellet stoves purchased across the U.S. in 2011.  You can visit our website and see our stoves that qualify for this credit (which is pretty much all of them).

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Have a Great Summer!


ENJOY what's left of your summer! 
As always, we appreciate your business and loyalty to our great stoves.
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