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Click on a state's name to view a list of Englander, Summers Heat and Timber Ridge retail dealers in that state.  Each list is organized alphabetically by city.
Please Note: Dealer may carry Englander, Summers Heat or Timber Ridge brand; all are the same quality England's Stove Works product.  Click here if you can't find a dealer near your home.

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If you can't find a dealer near you...


If you cannot find a dealer near your home, remember that you can often Special Order our products through many merchants, including the following:

Ace Hardware


Big R

Do It Best

Family Farm
& Home


Home Depot


Mills Fleet Farm



Southern States


Tractor Supply

True Value
Westlake Hardware


Ziegler Lumber

, , , , , , , ,  and .  If you cannot do this, or if you have any difficulty ordering or finding our product, please call our Customer Service at (800) 245-6489.

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