Wood Stove Parts Guide

MODEL NUMBERS:     24-ACD/FC, 50-SHW24/16 & 50-TRW24/16


(Options and trim (i.e. brass and nickel) interchange for variety. Gold door and legs may also be ordered to replace existing door and pedestal or regular cast legs.)


Part Number Description
AC-G9 9" x 9" Glass with Gasket
AC-16 Complete Blower Assembly (24-ACD, 50-SHW24 or 50-TRW24)


The 24-FC, 50-SHW16, 50-SHW16L and 50-TRW16 are not blower adaptable
 (cannot use the blower)
AC-DGKC Door Gasket Kit
AC-FCGK Flue Collar Gasket
AC-SB 9" x 4" x 1.25" Firebrick (7 Required in bottom)
AC-LB 9" x 4" x 2.25" Firebrick (14 Required - sides & back)
AC-SH Spring Handle - Door
AC-6C3 Catalytic Combustor
AC-MCSP Hi-Temp Metallic Charcoal Paint
AC-MBSP Hi-Temp Black Paint
CA-1710 Combustor Housing
CA-20 6" Flue Collar (Incl. Gasket & Hardware)
CA-22 6" Blank (Incl. Gasket & Hardware)
CA-24 Cast Iron Draft Cap
IP-24AC Flame Impingement Plate


Part Number Description
AC-13 Catalytic Thermometer
AC-102/SH-102 Brass Lip & Ash Apron Trim
AC-102BN Brushed Nickel Lip & Ash Apron Trim
AC-106-P/SH-106-P Brass Window Trim (24-ACD/FC, 50-SHW24/16 or 50-TRW24/16)
AC-106-PBN Brushed Nickel Window Trim
AC-FHS Side and Rear Heat Shield (24-FC, 50-SHW16 or 50-TRW16)
AC-FHSB Side and Rear Heat Shield (Black, for 50-SHW16L)
AC-AHS/SH-HS22 Side & Rear Heat Shield (24-ACD, 50-SHW24 or 50-TRW24)
  NOTE: You must use the top vent option of your unit when using heat shields.

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