Shuts off while burning

Click here if the board shows an "E"

Click here if the board shows an "E-1"

If the unit shuts off completely while burning, without going through a shutdown procedure and does not show an "E" check first the power cord where plugged into the wall as well as the surge protector, if the surge protector has a pop out breaker check that as well.

If the unit has run for just 20 to 30 minutes and the "room air blower" has not started running ,check the "air on temp" setting by turning the unit on and pressing the air on temp button. after pressing the button, check the "blower speed" readout for the setting. This setting should show a "1" for approximately 5 seconds, it will then display the heat range and blower speed the stove was set at. if the setting is not a "1" when the air on temp button is pressed use the blower speed down button to quickly set it to "1" repeat the procedure if necessary until the "1" setting is displayed when the air on temp button is pressed. Then attempt to run the stove again.

If the air on temp setting is "1" and the room air blower did not come on, check the heat sensor for  a bad connection or a broken wire.

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