When the stove is running at temperature and the user wishes to turn it off, simply press the off button and  the unit will go through a "shutdown cycle".  The off light will illuminate and stay lit. The stove will perform the following functions while it shuts itself down. The upper auger will stop running to stop the flow of fuel. The exhaust blower, the lower auger, and the room air blower will continue to run. This is necessary to allow the stove to clear the feed system and cool itself down. This process generally takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how hot the unit was when it was placed in shutdown. After the fuel is cleared from the lower auger and burned away, the fire will go out and the stove will cool down. The first component that shuts down during the cooling period is the room air blower. Then after the unit has cooled to a temperature that satisfies the control board that the stove is indeed cold and out the lower auger and the exhaust blower will shut off and the red "off" light will go out. at this time the stove should be safe to clean out ash and refuel to light back up if desired.

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