MODEL NUMBERS: 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, and 55-TRP10,
55-SHP10L, or American Standard



Part Number Description
AC-GGK Glass Gasket Kit (gasket only, no glass)
AC-DGKC Door Gasket Kit (#2 on diagram)
AC-G9 9" x 9" Glass with Gasket (#3 on diagram)
AC-SH Brass Door Spring Handle
AC-SHN Nickel Door Spring Handle
AC-MCSP Hi-Temperature Charcoal Paint
AC-MBSP Hi-Temperature Black Paint
PU-AMS Auger Motor Support Gasket
PU-047040 1 RPM Auger Motor Assembly (#18 on diagram)
PU-BP98 Burn Pot Assembly 
(#'s 5 and 11 on diagram, call if you need only one part of this 2-piece assembly)
PU-076002B Combustion (Exhaust) Blower (includes 3" adapter)(#'s 8 and 9 on diagram)
PU-4C442 Convection (Room Air) Blower (#13 on diagram)
PU-AF6T Top Auger Shaft (#14 on diagram)
PU-AF11B Bottom Auger Shaft (#14 on diagram)
PU-62-40-151-3 Hopper Lid Latch
(#25 on diagram) (2002 and later Models;  for earlier models order PU-103-50)
PU-UCF204-12 Auger Bearing (#16 on diagram)
PU-2X570 3/4" Locking Collar (#17 on diagram)
PU-CB04 Digital Control Board (#12 on diagram)
PU-VS Vacuum Shut-Down Switch (see Control Board diagram)
PU-VS-A Second Vacuum Switch (see Control Board diagram)
PU-CBG Combustion Blower Gasket (#10 on diagram)
PU-BPG Burn Pot Gasket (#6 on diagram)
PU-ABG Auger Bearing Gasket (#15 on diagram)    Used on stoves manufactured 2000 or before
PU-ABGN Auger Bearing Gasket (#15 on diagram)    Used on stoves manufactured 2001 or later
PU-HLG Hopper Lid Gasket (#22 on diagram)
PU-CH Cartridge Heater (Igniter) Assembly (#27 on diagram)


Part Number Description
PU-OAK Outside Air Kit
AC-3000 3" Pellet Vent Kit (Through-the-Wall)
AC-3100 4" Pellet Vent Kit (For High Altitudes - 4000+ ft.)
AC-3001 Remote Thermostat
GU-1E30-914 Wall Thermostat
AC-103 Brass Lip Trim for Ash Apron
AC-103BN Brushed Nickel Lip Trim for Ash Apron
AC-106-P/SH-106-P Brass Window Trim
AC-106-PBN Brushed Nickel Window Trim

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