No Combustion Air

If the unit is not burning the pellets at all or is not burning them as completely as it should , check the following.

1. Is the exhaust blower running?  This blower is responsible for both the exhaust and pulling combustion air through the fire.

2. Is the installation done to manufacturers specs? These units must have proper airflow through them in order to function properly, deviation from the manufacturers instructions for installation (including outside air intake) can cause problems with combustion airflow.

3. Has the stove/flue been cleaned? These units must be cleaned out according the the schedule in the manual. This would also include cleaning of the flue system. If the stove or the flue become loaded with excess ash, the blockage from this ash will generally cause poor performance from the unit.

4. Are the stove's gaskets serviceable?  Good gaskets are essential to good performance, leaky gaskets can change airflow through the stove causing burn related problems.

5. Is the stove being run with the hopper lid open? England's pellet units should NEVER be run with the hopper lid open or unlatched. the stove could pull air through the feed system. This not only will cause dirtier burning, it could cause "smoke back" during power failure if the unit is running.


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