Mobile Home Installation

NOTE: England's Stove Works recommends professional installation of our hearth products.

England's Stove Works freestanding pellet units are approved for mobile home or doublewide installation with outside combustion air hook-up.  See "Flue System" section of manual. Mobile home installation should be in accordance with the Manufactured Home and Safety Standard (HUD), CFR 3280, Part 24.

WARNING: Do Not Install in Sleeping Room.


England's Stove Works strongly recommends installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when installing ANY type of stove.


The structural integrity of the mobile home floor, wall and ceiling / roof must be maintained.

Secure the heater to the floor using the two holes in the pedestal.  If the unit is on a combustible surface, you will need to drill matching holes in the floor protection that you choose.

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Do not disturb the structural integrity of the home, and be sure the unit is permanently electrically grounded to the chassis of your home.  Remember that outside combustion air is mandatory, and not to install the unit in a sleeping room of the home.

The England's  stove works pellet inserts are not mobile home rated.

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