Starting  Your Pellet Unit

Starting up

(We strongly recommend a surge protector be used with our units).

Verify the hopper is clean and free of foreign matter and there is current at your outlet.  Fill the hopper with wood pellets; do not allow any part of the bag or any foreign material in the hopper, as this may jam the augers.  Ensure that all pellet matter is cleared from the hopper lid gasket. Close the hopper lid and secure the latches. Place a handful of pellets in the burn pot, spread a small amount of fire starter over the handful of pellets and ignite them. Wait a few minutes before closing the door and pressing the "ON" touch pad on the control board then, set the heat range and blower speed to 5 and 5 then wait 2 to 3 minutes before slowly closing the door.-- If the door is closed before the pellets are burning thoroughly, the exhaust blower could put out the fire.

If for some reason the unit does not come on after pressing the "ON" touch pad, the cord should be disconnected for two to three minutes. After this, the control board should reset and can be started again. If you still have problems, call our factory.

Never place gel on any hot surface or hot coals, and never use gasoline, lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid, diesel fuel or any other flammable liquid to start the fire!

Check to be sure the flame is sustaining itself and continues to increase. If the flame goes out, be sure the burn pot is cleaned out and free of hot coals before repeating the procedure

Approved starter materials
for pellet stoves.

Recommended fire starter materials: Wax-impregnated wood chips, cardboard cubes or liquid/gel  fire starter designed for pellet stoves.

Never use gasoline, lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid, diesel fuel, or any other flammable liquid to start a fire.


First fire (curing out)

Note: The operation of this unit should be checked (dry run) prior to this procedure.

Click here for Dry Run Instructions

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Adjust the "Heat Range" and "blower speed" to a "5" setting and allow the stove to burn in this manner for at least three (3) hours. This will allow the unit to "cure out" as the paint and the oils from the manufacturing process burn off. This process will generally produce an odor and in some cases a haziness in the room. We recommend you open doors and windows in your dwelling during this process.

 Click here for Shutdown Instructions

Subsequent Cold Starts: In a cold start situation, the unit should be operated at number "5" settings until the room air blower begins to operate.

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