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The thermostat circuit that works with the control board is a simple "contact/no contact" circuit. This means that when the thermostat is calling for heat, the circuit is closed, and when the thermostat is not calling for heat , the circuit is open.

Located on the back of the control board , at the bottom right corner of the circuit board, is the connection for the thermostat. Our units and replacement control boards come from the factory with a "shorting wire" installed which makes a closed circuit across the thermostat connections. this shorting wire must be installed for the unit to run without a thermostat, and is removed only when installing a thermostat

This also makes thermostat problems easy to identify, the basic problems you may see with thermostats are as follows;

1. Wrong type thermostat for the stove, the system our control boards use requires that the thermostat be of a certain type. It must be a "non-anticipated millivolt" or a 24 volt that is millivolt capable. Most thermostats that are used for gas units are of this type.

2. Thermostat not leveled. wall thermostats of the type used on our units are "mercury switch" type this type of switch must be properly leveled when installed or adjusted to level the contact switch for proper operation, if the thermostat is not leveled the unit may either run for heat all the time, or run on its "low burn" all the time.

3. Broken wire/wrong size wire. most thermostat's instructions will tell you what gauge (size) wire must be used for the length of the run required. using the wrong type of wire can cause improper function, usually causing the unit to run on low burn all the time. also, a broken wire or bad connection either at the thermostat or at the stove will make the unit run on low burn all the time

Thermostat connection with shorting wire on circuit board


Wall mounted  thermostat  ( p/n gu-1e30-914)



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