Loading fuel
(cold stove)

Note :

These units are designed to burn hardwood pellets. Use of other fuels is  not recommended.

When loading the unit, open the two hopper lid latches if the unit is a freestanding unit , if it is an insert , simply lift the hopper lid off and set aside.

Open the hopper lid, and pour in the desired amount of fuel. It is important that the hopper is not overfilled with fuel as the stove must be run with the hopper lid closed and latched.

After pouring in the pellets, ensure that no pellets or other matter is left on the gasket around the top of the hopper, then latch the lid down securely or in the case of the insert, place the lid back in position. At this point the if the unit is cleaned out it is ready for use.

Refilling the hopper

Always press the "OFF" touch pad before refueling. This unit has a 40 to 60 lb. hopper, and should be refilled when the hopper level drops to three or four inches.



The hopper lid will be warm; therefore, you should always use some type of hand protection.  

NEVER place your hand near the auger while the stove is operating.


Always ensure that all pellet matter is cleared from the hopper lid gasket before closing. Be sure to close and latch hopper securely before re-firing.


Do not operate this unit with the hopper lid open or unsecured.

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