Flue System Cleaning

Pellet units work at their best when a clean flow of air is maintained, therefore the flue system should be cleaned regularly. Most installations will include a "Clean Out Tee" (p/n  AC-3067). This component allows for the vent to be cleaned without having to disconnect the vent system from the stove. the vent system should be cleaned periodically throughout the burning season. the frequency of cleaning can vary due to the amount of usage the unit gets, a good idea would be to check the flue system cleanout after running the first ton (50 bags) of fuel through the stove, and gauge from what is found as to how long to go between cleanings. The stove and the fuel themselves can be a good indicator that  the flue system is in need of cleaning, the following symptoms are possible indicators.
1. The glass sooting up more rapidly than usual,
2. The stove producing more smoke from the exhaust than usual, and
3. The ash produced in the unit will generally be a darker color than usual when the flue is restricted. 
At least annually the flue should be swept out. Aftermarket brushes and flexible rods for this purpose should be available from your local hearth retailer.

Click on picture forPU-3067.jpg Clean out Tee
p/n AC-3067

with removable cap

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