Dry Run Checkout

To ensure proper operation of the pellet unit before placing the unit into normal use, a "Dry Run" checkout should be performed.

Press the "ON" button to begin the dry run.


The control board will display number settings in the display window for several seconds then the letters "S-U" will appear. the unit will begin functioning at this time. While the unit is running ,observe the following: the exhaust blower should be running, the bottom auger (appearing in the firebox) should be running continuously, and the top auger (in the hopper) should run for a few seconds then stop for several seconds and repeat this cycle as the unit runs, after a few minutes time , the igniter element should start to glow visibly in a hole in the back right of the burn pot.

After the 20 minute dry run, the control board will return to "OFF." An error code will appear in the Heat Range and the Blower Speed windows as "E-2", which means the unit failed to start normally.   Note: if the room temperature is warmer than 75 degrees when this test is run, the stove may not give an "E-2" as  but will go into shutdown after an additional several minutes. if this happens it is also an acceptable result for the dry run.


After this code is received and you are sure the unit is working properly, the unit may be fueled and placed into operation.

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