Pellet Utility Furnace Parts Guide





  Part Number Description
  PU-HLUF Hopper Lid
  PU-62-40-151-3 Hopper Lid Latch
  PU-HCUF Hopper Cover
  PU-RAPTUF Rear Access Panel - Top
  PU-RAPBUF Rear Access Panel - Bottom
  CU-047042 2.4 RPM Auger Motor
  PU-LSPUF Left Side Panel
  PU-LCPUF Left Side Cover Plate
  PU-076002B Combustion (Exhaust) Blower (includes 3 adapter)
  PU-CBG Combustion Blower Gasket
  PU-CMG Combustion Motor Gasket
  PU-AFUF Auger
  PU-HFGUF Hopper Flange Gasket
  PU-CH6 Igniter
  PU-HOPUF Hopper
  PU-HLG Hopper Lid Gasket
  PU-VS Vacuum Shut-Down Switch
  PU-VH Vacuum Hose
  PU-CB240-06 Digital Control Board
  PU-4C447 Convection (Room Air) Blower
  PU-RSPUF Right Side Panel
  PU-RCPUF Right Side Cover Plate
  AC-GSC Glass Supports for CA-13C Door
  AC-G10 9 1/4" x 14 3/4" Glass with Gasket
  AC-GGK Glass Gasket Kit (gasket only, no glass)
  CA-13C Door
  AC-DGKNC Door Gasket Kit
  PU-APUF Ash Pan
  PU-ADPUF Air Deflector Plate
  PU-BPUF Burn Pot
  CU-ADP Ash Dump Plug
  CA-ATUF Auger Tube Assembly
  CU-RG Rubber Gasket
  PU-ATGUF Auger Tube Gasket
  PU-GP Guide Plate
  PU-PGB52 Exhaust Tube Gasket
  CA-AMPP Auger Mounting Plate
  CA-AC Auger Coupler
  PU-HLS Hopper Lid Switch
  PU-CBF6 6 AMP Control Board Fuse
  AC-MBSP Hi-Temperature Black Paint

(See other part numbers on Exploded Diagram in Manual)


  Part Number Description
  PU-OAK Outside Air Kit
  AC-3000 3" Pellet Vent Kit (Through-the-Wall)
  GU-1E30-914 Wall Thermostat
  AC-118 Brass Window Trim
  AC-119 Brass Lip Trim
  AC-03 Brass Knob for Ash Drawer

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