Gas Stove Trouble Shooting Guide

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To avoid electrical shock, always disconnect the unit before attempting any trouble shooting procedures (unless otherwise indicated in this manual). If the solution in this guide does not correct the problem, consult your local dealer or call the factory.

Caution: Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation "and " Verify  proper operation after servicing.



Problem Cause Solution
When igniter is pressed there is no "ODS" pilot. Igniter electrode positioned wrong. *Replace Pilot assembly
Igniter electrode broken. *Replace Pilot assembly
Igniter electrode not connected to igniter cable. *Replace igniter cable.
Igniter cable pinched or wet *Free igniter cable if pinched by any metal or tubing. Keep igniter cable dry. Replace cable if spark still isn't there after freeing the pinched wire
Flame seems to blow out. Air in the gas line. Purge air from line (Check to or will not light. ensure gas is going to pilot.)
Appliance produces odors. Stove burning vapors from paint, hair spray, glue, etc. Ventilate room. Stop using products while operating unit.
Gas leak. See warning label on cover. *Locate and correct all leaks
Gas odor even when control knob is in "OFF" position. Gas leak. See warning label on cover. *Locate and correct all leaks.
Control valve defective. *Replace control valve.
Smoke or odor during initial burn. Vapors from paint or production process. Unit curing out. Will stop.
Strong gas smell. LP fuel may have additives or be poor quality. *Shut off gas. Check supplier.
Excess gas pressure. *Call utility company/installer.
Gas smell - sooting. Logs may be out of place. Compare placement of logs to the diagram in the manual.
Orifice size may be incorrect. Replace if incorrect.
When igniter button is pressed, there is spark at ODS and no ignition. valve is closed. Gas supply turned off or manual shutoff. Turn on gas or open supply.
Control knob not in "PILOT" position Correct knob position.
Air in gas line when installed. Purge air from system by holding down control knob. Repeat ignition.
"ODS" pilot is clogged. *Replace "ODS" assembly.
Gas regulator setting is incorrect. *Replace gas regulator.
Pilot will not stay lit. Altitude is above 4000 ft.; ODS sensor requirement for air not satisfied Altitude is too high
Defective thermopile *Replace thermopile
Pilot orifice may be clogged *Clean out pilot orifice
Defective valve magnet *Replace valve
"ODS" pilot lights, but flame dies when control knob is released Control knob not fully pressed in Press in knob completely
Control knob not pressed in long enough Hold 30 sec. after pilot lights
Manual shut-off valve not fully open Fully open shut-off valve
Pilot flame not touching thermopile, which causes it to cool and shut off the pilot flame. Low gas pressure *Contact gas supplier
Dirty or clogged "ODS" pilot *Replace assembly or service
Thermopile damaged *Replace thermopile
Control valve damaged *Replace control valve
Flame too low Burner orifice clogged *Clean burner; replace orifice
Orifice is too small *Replace orifice if necessary
Inlet gas pressure too low *Contact gas supplier
Burner will not come on or has low flame (pilot is okay) Problem with gas pressure *Check gas pressure
Control not on or is set on "LOW" Move to "HIGH" setting
Gas valve may be clogged due to debris entering valve during installation *Replace gas valve
Faulty gas valve *Replace gas valve
Burner will not come on or has an Burner ports and/or carryover ports extremely low flame (pilot okay)  may be clogged *Check and clean ports
Delayed ignition of burner Manifold pressure is too low *Contact gas supplier
Burner or orifice is clogged *Check and clean both
Burner backfiring during ignition Orifice clogged or damaged *Clean and/or replace
Burner damaged *Clean and/or replace
Burner will not come on Dirt on valve seal *Replace valve
Control knob frozen - will not turn Defective valve; foreign material *Replace valve
Carbon or sooting on logs. Logs out of position See log placement in manual
Air holes on burner tube obstructed *Clean if necessary
Gas type does not match stove Check designation on valve
Oversized orifice *Change if necessary
LP fuel may have additives *Check with gas supplier
Gas pressure may be incorrect *Check with gas supplier

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