Corn Stove Trouble Shooting Guide

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To avoid electrical shock, always disconnect the unit before attempting any trouble shooting procedures (unless otherwise indicated in this manual). If the solution in this guide does not correct the problem, consult your local dealer or call the factory.

Caution: Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation and Verify  proper operation after servicing.

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Problem Cause Solution
1. Auger not turning 1. Loose set screw
2. Bad gear motor
3. Foreign matter in auger
4. Vacuum sensor
1. Tighten setscrew on collar
2. Replace auger motor
3. Remove pellets and object
4. Check exhaust blower
2. Smoke smell or dust in house 1. Improper exhaust

1. Check all connections for leaks
     especially the exhaust blower
     connection; Seal with silicone,
     hose clamp or aluminum tape

3. Room air blower not operating  1. Loose sensor 1. Tighten connection on sensor
4. Exhaust blower not operating 1. Loose connection
2. Bad blower
3. Bad vacuum sensor
1. Check connection at c/board
2. Replace blower
3. Replace vacuum sensor
5. Lazy fire
1. Control board settings
2. Bad exhaust blower
3. Excessive fuel moisture
4. Excessive ash
5. Low quality fuel
1. Review board settings
2. Replace blower
3. Keep fuel inside
4. Remove baffles; Clean unit
5. Use premium pellets and corn
6. Blown fuse (5 AMP)
1. Power surge

2. Exposed wire

3. Electric motor shorting
    or bound up
1. Replace fuse; use surge

2. Check for exposed or frayed
    wire and loose connections
3. Check motors and blowers
    bound up for obstructions or
7. High fuel consumption 1. Low quality fuel
2. Board out of adjustment
1. Use premium fuel
2. Check c/board settings
8. Squeaking noise 1. Build-up in tube
2. Improper auger alignment
3. Blower noise
1. Remove auger and clean
2. Re-align auger
3. Remove and oil blower
9. Pinging or rattling noise 1. Foreign material
2. Loose set screw
1. Check blower for material
2. Check impeller blower screw
11. Unit keeps shutting down
      ("E" codes on control board)
1. Blocked flue

2. Blower failure

3. Improper installation*
1. Check for flue blockage (nests,
    rodents, excess soot, etc.)
2. Check combustion blower
    wires, then call Cust. Svc.
3. Check for loose flue/pipe
    connections. Also be sure to have
    proper Outside Air hook-up.

*Improper installation may cause a back draft.
*NOTE: Also check for loose or cracked vacuum hose on vacuum switches (see Parts Diagram).


TROUBLE SHOOTING (Unit must be OFF, unplugged and cool before any maintenance)


PROBLEM CAUSE: Too rich air/fuel mixture
Fire burns with a lazy, orange
flame and/or fuel builds up in
the firepot.
Glass may become dirty.
Flue or intake is restricted.

Make sure glass door is shut
and sealed tightly. If not,
adjust door handle or replace
gasket if necessary.

Verify ash removal plates are
pushed completely in.

Verify that exhaust fan is
running and venting properly.
If not, check connection and
clean or replace.

Moisture content above 15%.
Allow fuel to dry or mix with
some wood pellets.

Check inside stove and
exhaust pipes for blockage.
Tap inside walls of firebox,
clean behind the lower access
plates (located on the back
inside wall, next to the firepot);
clean firepot and firebox vent
holes above firebrick panel.

Feed rate is too High for fuel;
reduce heat setting.

Inadequate combustion air
available; combustion air is
mandatory (Our Part
is acceptable).

PROBLEM CAUSE: Firepot burns out of fuel
Fire goes out or stove shuts
down. Fuel may stop feeding.
Hopper empty; refill
Auger jams. Remove auger
and clean. Auger jams can be
a problem if poor quality fuel
is used, or if excessive fines
(sawdust, corn cobs, husks,
etc.) are present in hopper.
Auger jams are evidenced
when the auger turns, but no
fuel is delivered.

Improper air mixture can
cause the unit to burn fuel
faster than the auger is
Too many elbows in the
venting restrict air flow.
PROBLEM CAUSE: Auger stops turning
Fire goes out or stove shuts
down. Fuel may stop feeding
Auger has come loose.
Check to see if auger motor is
turning and auger is not.
NOTE: Auger is held to the
auger motor by a coupler that
is fastened to the auger motor
with a setscrew. Simply slide
the auger into the auger
housing and rotate it until it fits
into the coupler. If coupler is
loose, remove the auger
motor and tighten setscrew in
the coupler.
Hi-limit sensor. Evident when
the unit is extremely hot.
Vacuum switch tripped.
Caused by exhaust blower not
running, or venting blocked.
Check blower, clean or
replace as necessary. Clean
any blockage from venting.
Auger motor not operating.
Inspect connection and
replace if necessary.


Negative pressure in a home is a serious issue.
This unit must be installed with the Outside Air Kit (Part # PU-OAK).

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