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"What's so good about being
EPA & WA State Certified ?"


EPA Certified

-- Look  for this “EPA Certified” logo throughout our site.  Most of our stoves are EPA Certified, which means that an independent, accredited laboratory has tested the stove and determined that it meets EPA Phase II particulate emissions limit standards (7.5 grams or less per hour for non-catalytic wood stoves & pellet stoves, 4.1 grams or less per hour for catalytic stoves). 

Washington State takes its requirements even further: wood stoves offered for sale in the state of Washington must meet a particulate emissions limit of 4.5 grams per hour for non-catalytic wood stoves & pellet stoves
and 2.5 grams per hour for catalytic.

What does this mean for you?  Besides having peace of mind that you are burning "cleaner and greener” with far less pollution, EPA certified wood and pellet stoves are often much higher in efficiency than uncertified units.  This means you use less fuel for the same amount of heat, saving you money!

For more info visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website at

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