Pellet Stove Service Video
for Auto-Start Models (2004 and Later)

Now Trilingual! English, Spanish, French

Installation, Maintenance and Service Tips
for your Auto-Start Pellet Unit!!!

NOTE: For the models pictured on the DVD above (models with 25-PDV, 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, 55-SHP22, 55-TRP10 or 55-TRP22 in the model number. For all other models, visit the store page for your stove's model number.

DVD Video...
Starting with a new Auto-Start Pellet Unit right out of the box, we cover Installation, Maintenance and Parts Replacement/Service Procedures for your Englander, Summers Heat or Timber Ridge Auto-Start pellet model. Will play in any standard DVD player.

Topics covered: Initial Inspection; Pellet Stove Installation (General Information, PU-OAK Outside Air Kit Installation, Floor Protector Information, Pellet Vent Pipe Installation); Start-Up;
MAINTENANCE -- Ash Removal and Disposal (Ash Maintenance Overview, Daily Ash Maintenance, Semi-Weekly Ash Maintenance, Monthly Ash Maintenance, Ash Vacuum Information, Annual Maintenance); Gasket Maintenance (Burn Pot Gasket, Window Gasket Kit, Door Gasket Kit, Hopper Lid Gasket Kit); Pellet Stove Components (Combustion (Exhaust) Blower and Gasket, Auger Motors, Auger Shaft Assembly, Auger Bearing Gasket, Convection (Room Air) Blower, Cartridge Heater Element (Auto-Igniter), Vacuum Safety Switches, Control Board Operation, Error Codes;
Also includes Contact Information

Now Trilingual! Choose English, Spanish or French
Video length: Approximately 39 minutes (English version)
Cost:  You pay only Shipping & Handling

Order part number "PU-DVD09"

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