What about external thermostats for wood furnaces and/or pellet units?

A Note on our Wood Furnace: Do NOT use an external thermostat on our 28-3500/50-SHW35/50-TRW35 whole house add-on furnace. Follow the instructions in the manual pertaining to the controller that is included with our furnace, and contact us if you have any further questions.

Our Pellet Units:
There is now a Remote Thermostat that may be used on our pellet units. It is actually easier to install than a wall thermostat, and can be installed in about 5 minutes!
Click Here for information on our Remote Thermostat

External Wall Thermostat for Pellet Stoves: When using an external wall thermostat with our pellet freestanding or insert models, do not place it more than 14’ (fourteen feet) from the stove.
An external thermostat (such as our Part No. PU-DTSTAT, see our online store and look under your stove's model number) can be used on our pellet units as long as it is a 24-volt that works with millivolt systems. After unplugging the unit, locate the jumper wire on the bottom of the control panel (J-3). The two screws should then be loosened and the jumper wire removed from the board. Next, the two thermostat lead wires should be connected at this location and the screws tightened; the jumper wire should be saved for future operation without a thermostat. More information can be found here.
The pellet stove will operate differently once the wall thermostat is installed -- see your owner's manual and contact us with any questions. See the section in your stove's manual on “Start-up Procedure” when referring to cold starts.

If you need more information on this, please call our Customer Service at (800) 245-6489 or email us.

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